The HGTV Effect: How to Take This Market by Storm

What is the HGTV Effect?

Antique & vintage sales to the design industry are not new, however, in 2015, HGTV influenced buyers spent over $63 billion on homes.  This trend is called “the HGTV effect”.  These are design-influenced younger buyers, an online generation, and they are furnishing those homes with antique & vintage pieces, and developing collections that they want to live with.  We hear from event promoters & dealers that the antique & vintage demographic is rapidly shifting to a younger demographic.

While both event and brick & mortar dealers have told us they recognize these HGTV buyers & fear that they’re losing sales to this generation, which is expected to spend $664 billion on home decor by 2020, they are not entirely sure how to capture the changing market.

GoAntiques wants you, our loyal dealers, to take a big piece of that pie. We know that our dealers want to appeal to the savvy buyer & collector, with the ability to buy choice, more costly pieces. But, GoAntiques also wants dealers who can cater to both younger and design-influenced buyers. These types buy more frequently, but at lower price points. They are fledging collectors; they want antiques & vintage, but they are buying, to live with the pieces they buy, sometimes upcycling them to give them a personal twist.  Again, these are the ones projected to spend some $664 billion dollars by 2020, on items to use in their homes.  If they can buy pieces on GoAntiques that are better made, have quality materials, and have history, why wouldn’t they?


Why are We Developing Social Media Channels?

  1. Recent data shows that 27% of all online time is spent on social media sites, like Instagram & Pinterest.
  2. 78% of consumers make purchasing decisions that are influenced by a brand’s (GoAntiques) social media, and 70% of Instagram users have searched for a brand on Instagram.
  3. Instagram is a great platform to drive leads for online retailers because it is both visual and mobile-first. It has become the fastest growing social media sales site, threading past Facebook.


What is Selling?

Our GoAntiques antique & vintage specialists recommend that all dealers be aware of these trends, refresh their inventory, as they are able, to include items that are desirable in design trends like Farmhouse Modern, Urban Eclectic, Industrial Chic, and the chic, luxe decors that mix and match a variety of timeless furniture styles.

To capture this market, items must include a range of prices that will attract even younger buyers.

Here is a list for those that might find it helpful:

  • Vintage & antique oversized mirrors, especially in gilded frames
  • Pre 1960s rattan, bamboo, and faux bamboo furniture
  • British Colonial, Campaign furniture, Chinoiserie & Hollywood Regency style furnishings
  • Mid Century modern anything
  • Club & wing back chairs, 1960’s and earlier, especially in leather
  • Industrial lighting, tables, shelving, & seating
  • Wood cabinets, tables, & chairs
  • Atomic era barware
  • Antique & vintage jewelry and watches
  • Vintage & affordable global rugs & furnishings esp Moroccan, Turkish, tribal, kilims
  • Global textiles, including suzanis, African indigo mudcloth, and ikats
  • Wrought iron furnishings and lighting
  • Vintage signage, posters, ad art and props


We understand that this list may not suit every storefront, and that is fine.  But we wanted to keep you abreast of the trends, and aware of GoAntiques efforts, on your behalf. Please contact us with any questions you might have.  If you currently sell on Etsy and are not happy, we have made it possible to migrate your Etsy files onto GoAntiques, with ease. You can find more information on this new feature in your Dashboard.


We look forward to supporting you in every way we can, and together, taking the antique, vintage and design market by storm!

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