Storefront Essentials, Part 2 of 4: Saying Hello With Your Banner and Description

Greet Your Buyer With a Smile!

Part 2, in our Storefront Renovation Series, explores why creating trust is so important in online sales, and changes you can make, right now to your GoAntiques storefront banner and description, to create a great, competitive storefront, attract customers, and thereby increase your sales.  If you haven’t read Part 1, we highly recommend it.


“Given the choice of shopping for a product, at the same price, in a dull and badly lit store, or one that is bright and clean, you would always instinctively choose option B. So, it really goes without saying that the first impression and overall appearance of your eCommerce site needs to be impressive, and inspire confidence in who you are and what you do.” –


Optimizing Your Storefront Banner

A whopping 95% of traditional shoppers say that a store’s appearance is “important in their selection of a place to shop.” Your online storefront, especially your banner, is the buyer’s first impression of you. It is your store’s appearance, in a virtual shopping mall, open to the whole world.

What does your banner say about your business?  If it were a brick and mortar store, there would likely be professional looking signage, clean windows, an attractive display that would capture a passerby’s attention, the lights would be on and welcoming, and the whole would convey that this was an upstanding business, with fabulous inventory just inside.

Accordingly, your front window, your banner image, should be the highest quality, fullest size, be attractive, and be completely in focus. Include your signage and/or the name of your business, and convey professionalism.

Describing Your Business Effectively

Each storefront has the opportunity to describe the business to newcomers. Use this feature to its fullest.  Research other profiles to see what others are doing and model your description after the best. While not everyone is a wordsmith, or if you feel ill-equipped to write the description yourself, find someone who can help you. This is THE place to sell your business. Highlight your strengths. Describe what you sell, the business’ background, and the great reasons why customers would want to shop with you.

Be clear, descriptive, and welcoming. Consider including a glowing customer review. Be sure to proofread, the last thing you want is a typo which could convey lack of dedication. Businesses that care enough to attend to details and presentation give no reason to doubt…If a business owner is apathetic about his storefront, and that shows, customers will have less confidence that they can trust the business.

GoAntiques has seen a real influx in site-wide sales over the past three months, and we want our dealers to be well-equipped to grow, especially as the holiday shopping draws near.

Your storefront banner & description are foundational in a buyer’s first time impression of you. They act as signage and a first “Hello”, and can set the stage for building a catalog of repeat and loyal customers. Next week we’ll be zooming in a bit deeper, giving you the WHY and the HOW to maximize your inventory photos & descriptions, as well as strategies for Pricing, so that your buyer can have full confidence that you sell quality goods, at reasonable prices.

Update My Storefront

Let the Renovations begin!

Best Regards,
The GoAntiques Team

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