“Shopping and ordering through a website is a vastly different experience...customers have less to go on when determining how comfortable they feel making a purchase. Consequently, it's up to (online dealers) to quickly earn (customers’) trust and curb any skepticism". We dive into a 4-part series on Storefront Renovation with this introduction on establishing Trust in the online context.

Greet Your Buyer With a Smile! Part 2, in our Storefront Renovation Series, explores why creating trust is so important in online sales, and changes you can make, right now to your GoAntiques storefront banner and description, to create a great, competitive storefront, attract customers, and thereby increase your sales.  

Whether you collect ephemera, antique furniture, or prehistoric animal parts, you can learn to be discerning. Using the five W and H questions before purchasing a new item will go far in improving your collection. The questions must be tailored to point you toward the elements you need to look for.