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Tales Resold has been serving central North Carolina’'s comic and used book needs since 1980. Our store front business closed in 2008 but we continue to sell back issue comics and collectible books via this goantiques and ebay websites. We have a very extensive inventory of comic books and over 1000 different graphic novels are IN STOCK. All types of back issues are available. Among the many back issues we have are: Horror comics…---a few EC’s, lots of DC’s, Charlton, modern (twisted Tales, Fright, etc.), golden age, Little Lulu, Walt Disney (enormous selection), Archies galore, many Fawcetts including Captain Marvel, Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Porky Pig, Abbott & Costello, Car 54, Little Dot, Fox & Crow, Blackhawk comics (Quality & DC), Action, Adventure, Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, World’s Finest, many golden age books, Batman, Detective, Marvel Comics… any you can think of including many key issues, Fairy Tales on Parade, Planet Comics (about 20 different golden age issues), War comics …you name it, we have it. Mad magazines (not too deep prior to 1970) underground comics (sorry, no Freak brothers but many others), many 1980’s independent black & whites. Western comics …(most likely the most you’ve ever seen) including  several Lone Ranger. Gold Key,  Star Trek, Jetsons, we could go on and on. Let us know what you want.  Get Rich---------Read a Book!!!

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Has a person's name stamped onto the coupon on the back cover. Front cover and rest of book is 9.0. 1st Mountain Marko, 1st Silvermane. Stories The We...


Mysterio. To Squash a Spider! . Has 6 very faint spine stress lines precluding it from 9.4 grade. A very very beautiful book.


The Vulture. Wings in the Night. Centerfold loose from the top staple. 4 letter ink marks on the cover..Cover secure.


The Brand of the Brainwasher! . Subscription crease. Minor marking between price and issue. Pages, cover, and centerfold tightly bound.


To Die a Hero! . Cover not exactly centered on the pages. Wrinkles top right edge just below cca stamp. Pages, cover and centerfold all secure.


In The Hands Of The Hunter! Kraven Perfect copy except for a faint subscription crease.


The Lizard Stories Where Crawls The LIZARD! Mildly obtrusive factory color specks on top half of cover.Also vertical subscription crease. 7.0 otherwi...


Absolutely beautiful book with only flaw a 1/8 inch hairline tear top edge left. Has about 7 faint spine stress lines as well. So nice I hate to sell it. Loo...


Very nice copy with no flaws ecept spine stress lines and tiny tiny chips very top. Cover, pages, centerfold securely attached. Dr. Octopus. Stories ...


This book is not squarely cut. It is 6 and 7/8 inches at the top and 6 5/8 at the bottom. No story or art effected though some might find it displeasing to the ...


Abeautiful book except cover has two miniscule diagonal wrinkles keeping copy from being 8.0. Green Goblin Stories Bring Back My GOBLIN To Me!


Kraven, Gog Stories Walk the Savage Land Aperfect book except for a few little brown spots at the top of the back cover a about 3 very faint wrinkl...


Cover almost detache. However, all the pages and centerfold are well attached. Creases and wrinkles. The Return of The Green Goblin . Guest starring Human Tor...


A Day in the Life of...! Minor smudge on the PI . Tiny ink mark above the comics code symbol. Minor smudge top middle back cover. Perfect book otherwise.


Doc Ock Lives! . Cover is flawless except for 7 faint spine stress lines. Beautiful. However, title page has 2 small unobtrusive ink marks at it's top. Interi...


Spidey Cops Out! Faint and tiny wrinkles in middle of cover. Pages, cover, and centerfold all well attached. No tears or folds. Pretty book.


DEATH WITHOUT WARNING! Very light ink misprint at top of title page. Perfect book otherwise.


My Uncle--My Enemy . Several wrinkles on cover. Nice otherwise.


Small but significant stain lower right. Permeates entire book. Slight pine roll. Excellent otherwise. Christmas Tree for a Sub.


Printing is readable to me but one customer complained that it wasn't. Because of that I have downgraded it a notch. But there was a poor job of type setting a...