• Welcome to the New GoAntiques

    The oldest, most established antiques and collectible trading community on the Internet.

    We have a whole new look, feel and approach to serving all who choose to spend time with us. Offering a uniquely diverse group of dealers all over the world that offer select items for discerning buyers, and we make it very easy to do business.

  • 400,000 Items and Counting

    As a buyer, not only do you have your choice of quality items from dedicated dealers eager to match your needs. You also have ultra- convenient access to their merchandise. Our search tools make it very easy to find whatever you seek – by category, name, price range, you name it.

  • No Contract, More Features

    For dealers, we bring you plenty of buyers and make it easy for you to match their needs with your item.

    With plenty of new tools, it's never been easier to manage your inventory or find the right buyer for your items. Everything from editing multiple items to seller statistics.

    No contract, listing fees, per item charges or commissions

    Site Integrations

    Multiple distribution channels

  • New & Interesting

    Gemr has acquired GoAntiques and we would like to welcome you to the Gemr family!

    For your convenience we have included a set of frequently asked questions, about the acquisition which you can find here, along with a video explaining Gemr and why GoAntiques is a great fit with our mission.

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