Payment Policy

Personal checks accepted but take 10 calendar days to clear before shipment.Only money order normally accepted (unless we know you) is US Postal. Address verified Paypal is accepted from Australia, Great Britain, and Canada.

Shipping Policy

Will ship to United States and internationally. However, international shipping must be insured for items exceeding $20.00 and the rates are really high. For most cases $32.00 will be the cost for international shipping insured.

Return Policy

If the item was damaged during shipping, buyer needs to contact the shipper to resolve this matter. Seller will provide any necessary paperwork to help buyer with his/her claim. Full refunds are given only if seller has mis-graded item and buyer has returned item and item is same item that was shipped. Seller has own internal procedures for verifying sameness. No partial refunds are given. CGC grading is not recognized as authoritative because of lack of published standards.