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Tales Resold has been serving central North Carolina’'s comic and used book needs since 1980. Our store front business closed in 2008 but we continue to sell back issue comics and collectible books via this goantiques and ebay websites. We have a very extensive inventory of comic books and over 1000 different graphic novels are IN STOCK. All types of back issues are available. Among the many back issues we have are: Horror comics…---a few EC’s, lots of DC’s, Charlton, modern (twisted Tales, Fright, etc.), golden age, Little Lulu, Walt Disney (enormous selection), Archies galore, many Fawcetts including Captain Marvel, Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Porky Pig, Abbott & Costello, Car 54, Little Dot, Fox & Crow, Blackhawk comics (Quality & DC), Action, Adventure, Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, World’s Finest, many golden age books, Batman, Detective, Marvel Comics… any you can think of including many key issues, Fairy Tales on Parade, Planet Comics (about 20 different golden age issues), War comics …you name it, we have it. Mad magazines (not too deep prior to 1970) underground comics (sorry, no Freak brothers but many others), many 1980’s independent black & whites. Western comics …(most likely the most you’ve ever seen) including  several Lone Ranger. Gold Key,  Star Trek, Jetsons, we could go on and on. Let us know what you want.  Get Rich---------Read a Book!!!

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Wrinkles front and back. Centerfold detached from bottom staple. Luthor's First Victory Over Superman . Supergirl enters the MISS UNIVERSE beauty contest and w...


Lots of wrinkles. Tiny corner fold. Spine stress lines breaking color.1967. Superman in Clark Kent, Fighting Federal Agent . Supergirl in The Assistant Super...


A very fine easily except for a tiny and faint stain top edge above Superman's head...cover only.1969. Superman in The President of Steel . Supergirl in The ...


Wrinkles, folds, centerfold detached from bottom staple.1967. Superman in The Petrified Superman . Supergirl in Jimmy Olsen's Two Brides .


Folded corner top right. Top of spine repaired with tape on the inside.3/8 inch hairline tear bottom edge in middle.Exterior of square bound binding is without...


Chip missing lower right corner. Drop stain on lower right corner of several pages. This is graded a 6.0 in spite of those two 4.0 defects. Reason is that this...


Severe spinal roll. Centerfold and adjacent 2 pages detached from top staple. 1954 publications.


Faint soil like appearances.


Can't detail any flaws on this book because there aren't any. Perfect copy. 1994. Hank Pym, Wasp, Hulk. Painted cover.


A classic work from the second half of the 19th century: The Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible: How to Comprehend Holy Writ from its own Interpretation, con...


Faint crease and a corner fold. Spine wear but not significant. No tears. Pages, cover, and centerfold well attached to rust free staples. Perils of the Psycho...


Combine this comic with another order and only pay 25 cents shipping. Faint wrinkles is all.


Combine this comic with another order and only pay 25 cents shipping. Would be very fine 8.0 if not for staple rust migration.


Typical slight spine roll. Drink cup stain. Few wrinkles. Pages, cover, and centerfold well attached. Roundup . 1955.


Water damage on a very fine copy. Lone Ranger's horse.


Corner fold. Faint crease. A few wrinkles. Pages, ciover, and centerfold well attached. 1958 Disney. Dell Publications.


Slight moisture on a very fine copy. 1963 IDW reprint.


Real nice cover except a faint partial crease top middle. Only 3 spine stress lines. Pages complete and firmly attached. Cover firmly attached. The Human Fish...


Two very tiny stains on the back cover and two interior pages. Raiders of the Giant World! . 1972.


Guaranteed complete with nothing clipped. Faint wrinkles, partial faint crease. Chip off edge of back cover. No rust. Pages and cover very well attached. Mary ...