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Pre-Columbian Mummy Tape
Its colors still brilliant, this fine woolen tape was used to bind up a mummy buried in the Andes. T...
Scrimshaw Coconut Dipper
Solidly and carefully constructed to withstand hard usage, this handsome dipper has fine pewter moun...
Jazz-Age Studs/Cufflinks
Handsome and elegant, this classic set of cuff-links and three shirt-studs are concave black onyx wi...
Delft Cow Figurine
Bearing the mark of the famed Greek A factory of Delft, this charmingly flower-bedecked figurine i...
Japanese Lacquer Incense Box
A very charming Japanese gobaku (incense box) of fine, subtle quality. The design is two overlappi...
Bronze Roman Bucket Handle
Impressive heavy bronze handle from a bucket or small cauldron, with a double-headed-snake bail and ...
Egypto-Roman Bronze Fibula
The emblem of a Roman matron's social standing, the fibula was the circle pin of its day, and one to...