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This Hobstar Band Variant Pitcher and 5 Tumblers list for over $400.00 .in price guides. The pitcher is the pedistal base variant and is the harder one to find....

$175.00 OBO

This Black Amethyst Vase stands 7 tall by 5 3/4 wide. It features the popular Dance of the Vales Scene. The shipping is FREE!! REF # V-59

$20.00 OBO

Excellent condition. All glass salt and pepper set. Cambridge Rosepoint/Chantilly? pattern.


Excellent condition. Cambridge Rosepoint Salad Plates. Quantity: 12. Price is per plate.


Price per plate. Cambridge Rosepoint crystal bread/butter plates - total quantity: 12. Excellent condition.


Excellent condition. 3400 Series. Cambridge Rosepoint Crystal Pattern.


Excellent condition. Cambridge Rosepoint Oil and Vinegar Cruet with Glass Stopper. Rare wide base.


Excellent condition. Cambridge Crystal -- Chantilly or Rosepoint pattern? 3-part covered candy dish with sterling silver knob.


This is the cutest little odd piece of Carnival Glass. It is the Palm Beach Whimsey Banana boat and it is also GOLD accented inside and out. It is 7 long by 4 ...

$100.00 OBO

This beautiful Millersburg Trout & Fly bowl is in the very desirable Ice Cream Shape and the rare color of Green. It is 8 1/4 in diameter and has super col...

$500.00 OBO

This 7 bowl was made by the Diamond glass Co. Apple Blossom is a pleasing pattern that is appealing to the eye. It is the 8 ruffle version with a pretty marig...

$20.00 OBO

This Imperial Pansy bowl is 8 7/8 wide. It has 6 ruffles and is a awesome Pumpkin Marigold color. In my opinion it is one of the prettiest I have seen. The sh...

$25.00 OBO

This is a very RARE piece of glass by Dugan. The Soutache pattern is seldom seen and this Rare sculptured example is even harder to find. It is 8 7/8 wide on ...

$350.00 OBO

This is a beautiful LIME GREEN Wishbone Epergne by Northwood. These are so pretty to look at, it just makes me feel good to stare at one. This one is 8 tall a...

$2,500.00 OBO

This is a beautiful Pumpkin Marigold Wishbone Epergne by Northwood. These are so pretty to look at, it just makes me feel good to stare at one. This one is 9 1...

$500.00 OBO

This EXTREMELY SHORT Parlor Panels Vase by Imperial is only 3 5/8 high with a 3 3/4 wide base and 5 3/4 wide at the mouth. The normal shorts are over 4 tal...

$500.00 OBO

This is a VERY RARE B.P.O.E.Detroit Elks Club bowl in Green by Fenton. It is 7 wide and has 6 ruffles and great even colors. Just in the past couple of years ...

$1,500.00 OBO

This Northwood Rose Show plate is in the extremely RARE EMERALD GREEN base color.This one has the best colors that I have ever seen. It has awesome ELECTRIC GR...

$800.00 OBO

This Northwood Three Fruits bowl is 8 1/2 wide and has 8 ruffles. It is in a awesome Pumpkin Marigold finish. It has the Basketweave exterior.This piece belon...

$75.00 OBO

This Whirling Leaves 6 ruffle bowl is 9 7/8 in diameter. It has a Radium Pastel Marigold finish only found on Millersburg pieces. It is a beautiful thing to b...

$75.00 OBO