Celebrating Fall Outdoors in Vintage Style

Fall has come…

but that doesn’t mean we have to hole up just yet. Use every night you can to enjoy being outside. Fairy lights have become Edison lights, great vintage chairs don’t have to match, an antique, rustic table that can seat a crowd is perfect. Pile on flowers and greenery! Use all manner of old lanterns like starlight; they are perfect in profusion. Drag your vintage, beautiful things outside, light it up with laughter, and enjoy that wonderful sense of rest that happens when you can still be outside for hours at a time! Hooray for warm days, balmy evenings, with a bit of snap, and great friends! Image from Pinterest. Looking for more like this? Visit our Style Shakedown section for all things Design Inspiration

You can find items like the ones in this photo at GoAntiques.com! Click the images below for more information.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

1930’s Antique Enamel Porcelain Babybath with stand – makess a great planter


Lennart Bender Mid-Century Chair

French Country Farmhouse Dining Chair

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