Goodell-Pratt Two Speed Breast Drill Craftsman

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This is a nice clean 17.5" long, two speed breast drill marked "CRAFTSMAN MADE IN THE U.S.A." on the crank handle, but made by GOODELL-PRATT COMPANY TOOLSMITHS GREENFIELD MASS. U.S.A. PAT. MAR. 31.1896". This one has a rather unique speed selector, as you can see a wide knurled thumb wheel in the gear section area. To shift gears requires a simple movement of this wheel for slow or fast. Both speeds and all gears are in very good working condition, This is a rare and unique breast drill! We have not seen this type speed selector on any of the other Goodell-Pratt models over the years. The crank wheel is 5" diameter, but shaped differently than other models from this period, as there is an inside flat ring that rides on a ball that sets on a post off the frame, to help keep the wheel balance and running true to the gears being meshed during use. There is about 30% paint intact on the wheel, but not rusty or pitted, the frame and the breast plate have about 40% paint intact. The 3 jaw chuck is also different than most other Goodell-Pratt models from this era, is is longer, and no patent date on it, but is is spring loaded on the jaws, runs true, and has a 1/2" diameter capacity. The wood handles are intact, no cracks, minor wear, nice finish, no metal cracks or damage. This is a very rare breast drill in very good working order! As a note of interest, Millers falls took over production of this model when they bought out Goodell-Pratt around 1914, at that time this model became Millers Falls No. 99A.

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