Goodell-Pratt Two Speed Breast Drill Rare Model

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This is a nice clean 17.5" long, two speed breast drill marked "GOODELL-PRATT COMPANY TOOLSMITHS GREENFIELD MASS. U.S.A. PAT. MAR. 31.1896", on the crank handle. This model is very similar to the Millers Falls No. 2100, and may very well have been made by Millers Falls as they did eventually take over the Goodell-Pratt production of various drills.  This one has a rather unique speed selector, as you can see a wide knurled thumb wheel in the gear section area. To shift gears requires a simple movement of this wheel for slow or fast. Both speeds and all gears are in working condition, but there are about 6 gears on the smaller inside wheel that are damaged, most all these (slow speed gears) are worn on the wheel (yet it does still work, but not recommended for use in the slow speed under load), and about 3 are nearly gone, but the gears on the main drill castings are fine, and the larger (faster speed) gears are fine in both the wheel and the main shaft drive gears. It's too bad that the gears on the wheel are damaged, as this is a rare and unique crack wheel. We have not seen this wheel on any of the other Goodell-Pratt models over the years. The crank wheel is 5" diameter, but shaped differently than other models from this period, as there is an inside flat ring that rides on a ball that sets on a post off the frame, to help keep the wheel balance and running true to the gears being meshed for use. There is very little paint intact on the wheel, but not rusty or pitted, the frame and the breast plate have about 60% paint intact. The 3 jaw chuck is also different than most other Goodell-Pratt models from this era, is longer, and no patent date on it, but is spring loaded on the jaws, runs true, and has a 1/2" diameter capacity. The wood handles are intact, no cracks, minor wear, nice finish, no metal cracks or damage other than the gears mentioned. This is a very rare breast drill!

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