Goodell-Pratt Breast Drill Two Speed No. 245

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This is a very nice clean 16.5" long, two speed breast drill. It is marked "AMERICAN MANUFACTURER GOODELL-PRATT COMPANY TOOLSMITHS GREENFIELD MASS. U.S.A. " on the crank wheel, and also marked "GOODELL-PRATT COMPANY TOOLSMITHS GREENFIELD MASS. U.S.A. PAT. MAR. 31.1896" on the crank handle. The 3 jaw, 1/2" capacity chuck is also marked "GOODELL-PRATT COMPANY TOOLSMITHS GREENFIELD MASS. U.S.A. PAT. AUG.13.1895". This type of chuck is keyless, for holding straight shank drill bits. This one has a rather unique speed selector on the side of the main frame of the drill. It is a spring loaded, lift and turn type of gear shifter, a little stubborn at times, kind of like shifting and old truck or car, but it always shifts. Both speeds and all gears are in great working condition, as well as the chuck and the wood handles, solid no cracks. The black and red Japanning is in good condition overall, a very soft type paint is seems, and has lost some of it's shine, mostly on the red color. The Japanning is about 70% intact overall. This is a very nice drill! I would rate is at medium-heavy duty. The breast plate is 2 position adjustable or a 90 degree movement from where it is in the pictures. A nice old tool, in very clean used condition! One other thing worth mentioning is that many of the Goodell-Pratt drill, and other similar tool to this one, were basically the same design and quality as the Millers Falls models, except of course they were marked with different names.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
early 1900's-20's
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