U.S. Carpenters & Wheelrights Tool Roll w/ Tools

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This is a very rare heavy duty canvas tool roll custom made for carpenters and wheelwrights, and lists and numbers the pocket of snap closure for each item that is in this tool kit. The numbered list is a little bit faded, but is still readable in good lighting. The outside of this tool roll is marked "U.S. TOOL ROLL FOR BITS AND FILES ETC. CARPENTERS' WHEELWRIGHTS", and this marking is clearly seen. The tool list includes a total of 26 various tools including flat bastard files, carbon steel bit stock drills, bit stock countersink, file handles, wood rasp, wing divider, spoke shave, single and double lip wood auger bits, expansive auger bits, folding rule 2 foot 4 fold, saw set pliers, and nest saw with 3 different blades. This is a very rare tool U.S. military tool kit, and the tool roll is very nicely made, and in very good clean condition, with some slight fading, no holes or stitching damage. The snaps for the flat are very heavy duty, and the snap on the expansive bit pocket (one insert is included in the pocket to fit the larger expansive bit) all in great shape. The tools are really nice also. Many of the tools are marked by the maker, like the 6" wing divider is a P.S. & W. CO. (PECK, STOW & WILCOX), IRWIN & MILLERS FALLS auger bits, STANLEY nail set, & slot screwdriver bit, ETNA carbon steel bit stock bits, Nicholson files, Barnes wood rasp etc. All the tools are in useable condition, no rust noted, some minor wear, saw blades fairly straight and sharp, very good screwdrivers, files and handles, rasps, good ruler with some wear, good sharp spoke 2.1" blade iron spoke shave, good saw set. Most of the tools, and the roll is from the early 1900's era, a few files may be from the mid-1900's, and a few other tools from the 1920's era. We have not seen another one of these rolls before, although the tools are fairly common, complete U.S. Military tool kits are almost impossible to find! Don't miss out!

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
early 1900's
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