Officially founded in 1990, Joseph Wahl Arts had its beginning years before. Joseph Wahl was always surrounded by art and wood because his mother was an artist and his father owned a lumber yard. With these influences its not hard to see how he developed into an artist and artisan. Joseph studied fine arts for years including a fine arts degree from the Accademia di belli arti in Venice, Italy.

The idea to create a line of custom handcrafted and hand painted furniture arose out of necessity.....the arrival of Joseph's first son, Emerson and then shortly after, a little girl, Aidan. He started building furniture for his own children and everyone saw it and fell in love with it. Starting with a changing table, the designs kept coming; toy chests, beds, hampers, frames, dressers, bookcases and on and on.

Then in 1992 Joseph opened his first retail location in Woodland Hills, California. The charming store carries Joseph's complete line of children's furniture and vintage accessories for children and adults. Old clocks, paintings, vintage fabrics and sports stuff, lamps and old books all blend to create excitement and a warm nostalgic feeling.

Because of the excellent quality craftsmanship and fine antiqued painted finishes, the word has spread about Joseph's furniture. Customers now order furniture from as far away as England! With his new on line catalog it will be easier than ever to see and order the furniture of you dreams.