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Book, Angel at Her Shoulder


Book, Aikenside


Book of Tomatoes Cookbook for those tomatoe lovers.


Book - The Time Book


Book - The Me and You Book


Book - People and Places


Blue Star Quilt was quilted five (5) stitches to the inch. This quilt is in colors of white background with blue star patches and has three (3) stripes of blue...


Blue Ink Pen


Blue Earring


Binoculars, Small Black


Betty Crocker's Softasilk Cakes Cookbook


Betty Crocker Recipes-Your Share Cookbook


Bench, Natural finish


Vintage Antique Bench - This vintage hard rock maple bench was stripped and refinished.  One board side with curve marked out for legs and a wave top edge...


Vintage Antique Bench - This vintage antique bench is in a green paint.  Mortise bench, one board side with cut out in center.  Original Green paint ...


Bells on Leather Strap


Basket--Wire Egg Basket




Barrel Spigot


Barrel Ring Holder - Small