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Welcome to L&L Tiques, Inc. Here you will find a vast array of vintage advertising including paper and metal signs, Black Americana, historical ephemera, antique toys and much more. We sell old unique items obtained from estate sales and auctions and also offer a nice selection of NOS. We are modern day vintage treasure hunters bringing you excellent deals on genuine advertising memorabilia and antiques. I hope you enjoy looking at our walk down memory lane. There is something in the store for everyone!

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Vintage 7 wide circa 1940s Mustang California Vegetables crate label. Nice western Mustang theme. Unused old stock found at the Western Packing Company in Guad...


Circa 1950s unused cork lined Tru-Ade Imitation Grape soda cap. Nice condition. Scarce cap. Found at the Dickson City Bottling Works in Dickson City, PA.


Vintage 1973 Nixon - Agnew Inaugural Parade Route Flyer. 11 wide. Map of the parade route & photos of Nixon/Agnew. These came from the original distributor...


6 3/4 tall unused vintage 1940s Mr. Big Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream Cone bag. This is a very scarce one with a great image of Mr. Big. Has a 1940 corpyright d...


Vintage plastic Coca Cola bottle recapper. Marked Replicap. Old plant advertising giveaway. These were used to reseal your bottle if you didn't drink it all. Ve...


Lovely piece like this were originally used for powders for the face, or talcs for the body. Of course there would have been a fluffy powder puff inside. With t...


Do we not find the best things for you guys or what??? Here we have vintage Alphabetos Charms to String or Paste -- from the 1950s these wonderful charms includ...


What a rare find! - So rare that we only have a few! This vintage package contains a 6-pack of green plastic Coke bottles. The six-pack, including the bottles m...


Vintage Sharps #2 Needles from Leo Lammertz of London. This full black folded-paper package is an original vintage package of over 20 #2 sharps needles for ever...


RINGLING BROS. BARNUM AND BAILEY CIRCUS BAGS - Set of 2 different 1940-50, pair of bags - peanuts (3½ x 7 ) and popcorn (4½ x 8 ). Bags are very...


DELUXE SMALL PICTORIAL BAG COLLECTION - Set of 15 different 1930-40-50'S, most 4 x 6 , 15 different bags including: Jolly Time popcorn, Ringling Bros. Circus, ...


DOUBLE K NUT SHOP BAG 1951, 4”x 7½”, pictures old-styles hot nuts machine


11 1/4 wide vintage label. Circa 1930s label is gilded and pictures a grandpa and little girl with doll. Really nice image. These labels are unused stock that ...


PUZZLED PUPS PRINT 1930’s, 8” x 10”, 2 cute terrier pups eyeing a turtle, by Kinnhon, printed on low grade paper very fragile from age


PASTORAL SCENE PRINTS - Set of 2 different for 1920’s, 10” x 12”, forest sunrise and brook in valley, textured to look like an oil painting


Brand new tiffany style mallard duck lamp - approx. dimensions: 8 w x 5.5 h


Brand new amber glass snail figure lamp -- Snail Figure Lamp metal head and base. Shell made of glass - dimensions: 10 length x 5.5 high - cord is 4'


8x10 promotion for JAZZ Diet Pepsi - open it up and there is a bottle with lots of festitivy coming out of the sides - plus a jazz song plays - nice memorabilia...


Vintage 3 tall plastic bird feeders from the 1960s. These are identical in shape and style to the old glass ones for the old metal bird cages. The header has f...


They say Brick's Banquet Hall Mince Meat. Vintage 20 wide can label that went on a large metal pail. They are stone lithos and heavily embossed. They are marke...