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Artist Valerie Annard * Color Rose and pale blue * Limited Edition #1940 of 5000 Buyer pays S&H


Series Pretty Ladies * Issued 1989-2000 * Artist Peggy Davie * Pretty Ladies is rooted in romantic names, beautiful faces and elegant gowns. This delightful ...


Richard III with navy brown, black and red coloration. Designed by Robert Tabbenor. Series RDICC Royalty issued 1998 in a limited edition of 1500. Only availab...


Jug of the year designed by David Briggs. Artist signed and numbered as shown in the photos. Includes original presentation box. MINT pristine condition with ...


Produced in England in 1991 only, this limited edition is early production #644. A superb two handled jug featuring all six of his wives. Designed by William K...


Royal Doulton CLOWN Jug. Green cap, yellow bow tie with black spots, red nose and mouth. Designed by Stanley J. Taylor. Series THE CLOWN Performers, issue 1989...


Classic Imari Charger with excellent color and detail. Marked as noted n the photos. Age unknown, it came from an old established estate. Buyer pays S&H.


Original mess kit, field gear from military. Buyer pays S&H


Great merrigold mug in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or hairlines. Buyer pays S&H.


Classic Frostic book in unused, like new condition. Has a handwritten greeting fro a gift giver on the interior page. Buyer pays S&H


Nice little dish is perfect in many paces for decor. Buyer pays S&H


Fancy iron wall mount lamp bracket. Marked JMS 7. Arm extends out 11 inches from the wall. Complete with wall mounting bracket. Buyer pays S&H.


Classic pottery vase with great mold detail. Great drip color in shades of teal green.Unmarked. Buyer pays S&H.


Classic wooden hanger in excellent, like new condition. For that very special jacket or coat. Buyer pays S&H.


Excellent vintage copy of German Regimental beer stein. Pewter lid with finial of eagle. Buyer pays S&H.


Antique, unused lantern globe in excellent condition with original label. buyer pays S&H.


Marked West Germany this classic pitcher is perfect for any occasion or to add to your collection. Buyer pays S&H.


Vintage 2 piece juicer in excellent condition .Buyer pays S&H.


Card game with complete deck, rules and original box. Made by McEwen & McCarthy Company. Los Angles CA. Buyer pays S&H.


Antique lantern globe in excellent unused condition with no chips, cracks or hairlines. Buyer pays S&H.