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RARE Antique copper lighting rod ball.  Two bullet holes. WONDERFUL aged green. One of akind.

$95.00 OBO

NASCAR beer stein. 2004.  Minor age wear on bottom.  No chips or cracks.

$15.00 OBO

Vintage glass pitcher with (6) glasses. Pitcher has applied handle. And has ice lip. (6) glasses all a different color. Age wear on the gold trim on all. Age w...

$35.00 OBO

Advertising CHEVROLET and Beulah, Michigan. Painted glass candy dish. Light gray with white picture. LES KASKINEN CHEVROLET 1974. No chips or cracks. Paint in ...

$25.00 OBO

Cast iron trivet. FANCY TREE. Marked but cannot make it out. VERY NICE.

$15.50 OBO

Vintage Lady Remington electric shaver. PINK. With white case. And it WORKS. Extra head. Brush.Very nice.

$27.50 OBO

Campbell's kid's  3 piece soup tureen. Copyright 1998. Very minor age wear. One very tiny chip inside lids lip. VERY NICE!

$25.00 OBO

LIMOGES Porcelain Pancake Dish w/ Cover. Nice colorful design on both top and bottom pieces. No chip or nicks. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and MASTERC...


SPEEDOLINE Gasoline Additive. Information on can says it increases mileage 25 to 40%. Appears to be unopened. Special cap on top may be measuring cup. We accept...


Print signed By John Zaccheo. Very nice oak frame.

$25.95 OBO

Vintage hand flour sifter. ANDROCK ,Hand-i-Sift. Red paint is peeling off the handle. Minor rust spots. Scratches. Age wear. Works. 3 hand for sifting and 3 sc...

$12.50 OBO

KENTUCKY DERBY 120 glass. Painted label. Copyright 1993.  1994 horse ? No chips or cracks. EXCELLENT CONDITION.

$10.00 OBO

Antique brown beer bottle embossed. GRAND RAPIDS BREWING CO. Near the bottom embossed. REGISTERED THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD 25. Age wear. Mold marks. Very tin...

$16.50 OBO

Antique beer bottle. Embossed, STROH DETROIT REGISTERED. Near the bottom. Embossed CONTENTS 12 1/2 FLUID OUNCES. Age wear. No chips or cracks.

$16.50 OBO

Antique beer bottle , brown. Embossed, FURNITURE CITY BREWING CO. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. Embossed near the bottom, REGISTERED Age wear. No cracks. Coupl...

$16.50 OBO

Antique beer bottle. Embossed , C.H. DANIELS BREWERY MANISTEE MICH. Age wear. No chips or cracks. Bubbles in the glass. VERY NICE!

$16.50 OBO

Vintage aluminum coffee pot. With wood handle and knob on the lid. Age wear. Scratches. Dent on the lid were the lid has hit the handle. Marked on the bot...

$15.50 OBO

Chrome Plated CORN HOLDERS in Original Box. Service for 4. Appear never used. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS payment via paypal or ...


Light Blue Milk Glass SYRUP PITCHER. Spring loaded top works and looks fine. No chips or nicks. Raised leaf and vine design. Rare blue color. We accept VISA, MA...


BAR BUM Match Holder.  Aluminum cast metal. Body twists to unlock exposing matches.  Ears are serrated to serve as match strikers.  Unique item....