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Pennsylvania New York Approved Steel King Ice Balance coil style weighing tool. Pelouze Chicago Manufacturing Brass advertising plate. Rough condition broken c...


American Depression era Sugar shaker white glass cabinet jar with Dutch girl & boy cobalt blue decoration. Pressed seashell look on two sides, threaded ste...


Set 6 Coors Pottery custard cup dessert bowls Rosebud pattern each with a different color glaze.


Carpenter's Brass Plumb Bob measuring tool. 24 Ounce impression mark, device is missing the point tip.


Swingline stapler tool early Retro era desktop utensil.


P & C Porkert Ideal #10 heavy duty meat grinder hand operated food processor made in Czecholslovakia.


Hand made slated style Primitive wood chicken nesting box farm ranch crate.


Rolling wheel style cooky dough cutting utensil household food preparation tool with original cardboard advertising box.


Maid of Honor Brand Stainless steel red bakelite handle ice cream scoop kitchen utensil household tool in original advertising box.


Set 4 Weller Water Wonderful 1970's era advertising head wear farm ranch sales give aways. American made in Louisville Kentucky. Probably never worn- foam&nbsp...


1940's Era Infant baby room framed pictures in two dimensional style raised print style. Both artist stamped


Pair RCA baseball style hats.  American made- nice condition probably never worn. Velcro style adjustable back strap.


1950's Era Painted Steel Christmas Tree Stand in original Crunden Martin Saint Louis Missouri cardboard box.


Set 4 Yellow plastic sandwich platter coaster cup holder kitchen table utensils. Pennsylvania USA made


Retro Wide Style leather watchband authentic wrist apparel with original Blue Shield Brand Great Southern Memphis Tennessee store display card.


1940'S To 1950's Era Mother Goose plastic mobile baby crib toy with original Sanitoy Made in USA cardboard box.  Two part goose & mother;  shoe, ...


Group ladies perfume sexy scents & decorative bottles. Most still have liquid perfume inside, a few are empty. Esprit Oscar De La Renta Tresor Lancome...


Walcamp USA made Black Kote Bakeware Popover Muffin Bread pan baking utensil with original cardboard storage box.


Drum style farm ranch gas oil can storage bucket from the American Depression era. 1927 Patent date, very faint Sinclair Petroleum Company painted advertising.


Maid of Honor brand hand operated meat grinder 1950's era food preparation utensil.