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Three Black Americana Musician Figurines.  Very colorful decorated with grass skirts.  No cracks or chips.  We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DIS...


Two Black Americana Drummer Figurines.  Very colorful decorated with grass skirts.  No cracks or chips.  We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, a...


Emerald Green Glass on Bronze Base Sugar & Creamer Set.  Older elegant set with bright color glass.  Bronze bases have a raised design on outer e...


Frankart SCOTTY DOGS Cast Metal Bookends.  Very nice golden patina of dogs in sitting position.    We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, an...


Cast Metal PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER Boxer Figurine.  To see its original use, see item 13SS3968.  Mounted on wood base.  Excellent paint for such ...


WEST VIRGINIA TURNPIKE. Glass flask with green cover.

$13.50 OBO

FORD, Q1, and LAFAYETTE STEEL & PROCESSING September, 1993. Etch glass advertising item.

$19.50 OBO

Vintage ice pick and bottle opener. Advertising LAKEWOOD REALTY P.O. box 657 Baldwin, Michigan 49304  Ph. 616 745-4951. Some minor age wear.

$18.50 OBO

Vintage black and white photo. Of COBRA KING Army tank and soldier. On the back Pvt. Michael Woods, Germany Nov. 1966.Some age wear.

$25.50 OBO

Lochs of Scotland. Royal Warwick. Blue and white. Lot of 3 cups and saucers. No chips or cracks.

$22.50 OBO

Vintage souvenir from MANISTEE, MICHIGAN. NEWBERRY'S. A department store in Manistee. Ashtray. No chips or cracks. Very minor age wear.

$12.50 OBO

Duck Unlimited mint dish. 2ND Annual Dinner. Oakland Chapter 1979. No chips or cracks. Very minor age wear on the bottom.

$6.50 OBO

NORTHPORT, MICHIGAN. Collectible ornament. Grand Traverse lighthouse. Genuine 24 K gold flashed brass. New still in the box.

$5.50 OBO

Jeff Gordon Christmas ornament. # 24. New with tags.

$5.50 OBO

The sinking of the ZAMZAM. Soft cover. 32 pages. Very minor age wear.

$35.00 OBO

Milk Glass TEX ON THE RANGE Child's Cup.  Bright blue images.  No cracks or chips.  We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS p...


King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Pottery Mug.  Nice crazing on all sides of cup.  No cracks or chips (one small spot on bottom prob...


Art glass vase. Blown. Very pretty yellow. Looks like a large open flower. Bottom has be ground flat. Unsigned. Heavy. No chips or cracks. Some bubbles in the ...

$45.50 OBO

Sun - Maid raisin cookbook. Vintage. 31 pages. Soft cover.

$14.50 OBO

Cast Metal Green Pineapple Looking RADIO LAMP.  Very attractive lamp with satin puffy globe.  Unique 3 prong globe holder with brass thumb screws for...