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1952 1953 Western Auto Supply store catalog car parts accessory publication mail order book.


60TH Anniversary Edition Western Auto Family Store catalog mail order book 1969 Spring Summer publication.


Pair Pepsi Cola soft drink crate soda pop bottle tote carrier cases. Quart size with slightly higher side boards, mainly blue & yellow company lettering adv...


Two white glass casserole baking dishes with metal carry rack warming stands. Glasbake divided style with Amber Yellow crown pattern in gold tone rack with cand...


Sports Afield Know Your Ducks & Geese waterfowl identification guide hunters booklet. 1954 Hearst Corporation publisher.


15 Keystone View Company photograph picture style stereoview cards. Caracus Venezuela Buenos Aires Argentina Roald Amundsen South Pole Discover Butter Making Co...


56 Japanese Military assault against Russians at Port Arthur stereoviewer picture cards. Copyright 1905 T W Ingersoll, all with historical information on back.


Two white glass mixing bowls: beaded edge rim & blue floral flower with raised curtain arch top. Both are unmarked, could be Hazel Atlas products.


3 White glass stick handle style cereal soup bowls & brown tone double spout mixing bowl. All marked Fireking.


3 Pieces Heisey clear glass cigarette box toothpick holder & small creamer cream pitchers.


Very Retro press pattern amber glass table lamp bedside light fixture. Metal mesh interior, flower petal bud brass tone top.


Pair matching Federal Heat Proof white glass mixing bowls with colorful fruit & ivy vine side pattern.


3 Sets cream pitcher creamer & matching sugar bowl condiment dishes. Federal Heat Proof white glass with silver blue spatter, Hazel Atlas Ovide Chartreuse G...


Set 5 different cream pitcher glass creamers from the 1940's to the 1960's. Hazel Atlas Newport Hairpin, Fireking gold rim on white Swirl, Dusty Yellow vertical...


Gold tone Cherry branch & apple fruit wall plaque Retro decoration ornaments from the 1970's. Syroco Wood Syracuse New York Ornamental Company sticker tags.


Childs school room toy box solid wood storage crate. 1950's era red painted interior with high quality black bakelite roller ball bearing wheels.


Peerless Brand Dominoes red painted wood domino set with Rochester Litho Company Victorian era cardboard box.


Patent Embossed Crown Brand Dominoes Victorian Era pastime family game still with original cardboard box. The Embossing Company Trade Mark, patent dates 1869 th...


9 Pastel colored glass coffee cup hot beverage mugs. Hazel Atlas Light Blue & Pale Yellow, Pyrex Corning green floral flower & blue top band, pressed di...


Two Pyrex Ovenware refrigerator leftover storage container covered baking dishes. Early American brown white pattern & blue silhouette floral flower band on...