SOLAS: acronym for Serendipity On Line Antique Sales. Serendipity: the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. That kind of sums up my business. I rarely start out knowing what I am going to look for but when I find it I know that is what I wanted. I just sort of bump into things that appeal to me and feel that others would also enjoy thus offering a wide variety of fun affordable collectible & vintage items . Some of the item I offer are: Old or collectible watches, vintage jewelry, Sterling Silver, Agates, Gem Stones, Old Native American & Mexican Sterling, kitchen gadgets, vintage clothes, furniture and a plethora of other fun items. Bookmark me, you will always find something good!

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Scooby Doo Watch Amitron
Scooby Do Watch in excellent condition. It is by Amitron and it water resistant to 100 Feet Comes on...
Dan Di Modes Leather Coat
Dan Di Modes Leather coat lined with faux fur Dan Di Modes Leather coffee brown coat lined wit...