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Daisy and Button Blue Glass Canoe


White and pink cased Low flat bowl


Chippendale, Central Glass, circa 1925, #3541


Dugan Stork and Rushes Marigold tumbler


Northwood Grape and Cable Green 5 bowl


Mirror Plate aka Galloway Amber Toothpick Holder


Imperial Cape Cod #160 juice tumbler


New Hampshire Toothpick Holder aka Bent Buckle by US Glass Co, Factory F - Ripley & Co.


Opal Rose Urn Toothpick Holder


Paneled Cherry Toothpick Holder


Bethlehem Star Toothpick Holder


Fine Cut Hat Toothpick Holder


Opal Butterfly Toothpick Holder


Opal Fern Heart Toothpick Holder


Opal Royal Toothpick Holder, Compliments of Biebenthal and Preiss


US Glass Buckingham (Crosby) mug


Paneled Forget-Me-Not goblet


Fenton Ribbed Holly Amethyst compote


Dugan Stippled Rays 8 1/2 Green bowl


Portland by US Glass, #2877