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Set 7 Military Engineer United States Armed Forces publication magazines from 1961 & 1962.


Iron hilt featuring asymmetrical shell guard, pas d’ane, knucklebow, and spherical pommel; chiseled ensuite with applied silver human figures and foliage on a b...


Quality pistol, the lock with swan neck cock and sliding safety, marked “BLAIR & SUTHERLAND” (Birmingham, 1799-1811). Round 6 1/8 barrel of .57 cal. with t...


Iron hilt featuring straight quillons with acorn finials chiseled with foliate design. Knucklebow with triple central knob, screwed to the chiseled ovoid pomme...


Nice, collectible Book entitled Provisional Small Arms Firing Manual issued for the U.S. Army and for the organized Militia of the U.S. 263 total pages filled...


nazi poker chips (blue)sold individually


nazi poker chips (white) sold individually


north vietnamese hat


boomerang comm. palm island naval air station dated july 6 1943


Heavy head forged in one piece with integral tapered round ferrule with turned edge. Leaf-shape 20 blade of flattened oval section, the obverse with engraved p...


vintage wells fargo and company's central pacific rail road express car couble barrel shotgun has the name a richards on it


blunder bust blackpowder flint lock has a stamp of a crown with a v under the crown a circle with the initials E.L.G.under this is the number 512


Annual for the Fifth Corps Area Camp Knox, Ky entitled THE MESS KIT. From the year 1922. Features literature and photos of Soldiers, Names from each Company and...


The ULTIMATE in Evening Wear.____From MacGregor ESTATE_______SPORRAN , FULL MASK Muskrat___Original Special Order!!! Years Ago and in Beautiful ORIGINAL Cond...


mini bugle civilwar w/straps and wrap


56 Japanese Military assault against Russians at Port Arthur stereoviewer picture cards. Copyright 1905 T W Ingersoll, all with historical information on back.


These are in great condition with no cracks, scratches and wires are not bent wrong. Secure rims and ear pieces. Buyer pays S.+ H. We accept Visa, MasterCar...


100% AMERICAN in written under the photo of this man in an Army Suit. This photo can be removed to replace the photo you desire. Four metal tabs hold this toge...


$95.00 US Funds _ Beautiful PAIR of WW1 Nickel SPURS. Stamped SOLID NICKEL and Faint Letters of Maker's Name WC & CO.LTD___On Buckle Stamped Patent No.___...


Trench Art Electric Lamp This lamp is 15 high which includes the shade. The base of the lamp is 4 1/2 in diameter. The stem of the lamp is made of a brass 40...