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Contains 1959D penny.


Embassy Jewelled Lighter Pretty silver tone jewelled lighter, Measuring about 2 1/4 inches high. Circa: during 1900's Manufacturer: made in Japan Please note: I...


Beautiful plated antique lighter, Art Deco Style, See id markins on the bottom of the lighter, It stands about 3 inches high, Please note: I do not know much ab...


In the 20's and 30's electric cigar lighters were considered a luxury and they were only made for a few years. This little jewel has been in our possession for...


2 Hunting Wilderness Scene Glass Beer Steins. One has a elk on one side and flying duck on the backside. The other has a flying pheasant on one side. The are pr...


Nonpareil Corkscrew Beautiful logo graphics, all original antique corkscrew, Measuring about 3 3/4 x 5 1/4. Circa: early 1900's Manufacturer: Schneider Brewing ...


Lovely Vintage Table Lighter Beautiful lighter, made from Porcelain and brass,Measuring about 4 3/4 inches high, Lighter needs fluid or flint, in order to work....


PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER PINBACK -- 1950’s, 1” diameter, white background with Pabst Blue Ribbon


PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER NAPKIN - Set of 3 -- 1950’s, 10” square, pictures beer drinking quartet and original blue ribbon


ANHEUSER BUSCH POSTCARD 1960’s, 4” x 6”, 1890’s AB bottling plant with fancy brand emblem & 1920’s Bevo Fox statue


Vintage corkscrew, probably french. 16.4 centimeter [6.45 inches] long. Weight is 99 gram [3.5 ounces].


Beautiful and Exceedingly Rare Unused Old Stock **FlamSong Musical Lighter by Reuge** 1950 This lighter - a beautiful and exceedingly rare unused original ol...


Wonderful Find from the Oil & Gas Industy. A PANTHER OIL + GREASE MFG.CO. Cigarette LIGHTER ( never used ) __AS NEW BOLLO TIE with cloth fabric cord and Br...


This Camel cigarette tin is marked Camel Turkish Gold. Marked made in Germany. Measures 3.5 x 3.25 in. Holds 20 cigarettes. Included is the lighter in working c...


A Budweiser Beer glass dated 1996. Stands 7.25 in. tall. Frog decal. This Bud's for You. In very good condition. No damage.


A Budweiser Beer glass dated 1996. Stands 7.25 in. tall. Frog on a lily pad decal. In very good condition. No damage.


A Budweiser Beer glass dated 1996. Stands 7.25 in. tall. Frog decal. In very good condition. No damage.


3 Older Beer Taps. 2 are identical Genesee Cream Ale Wooden Taps measuring 12 1/2 in. length. Labels has some age cracking. The other Tap is of Duquesne Pilsner...


Fantastic Mauchlineware Match box showing Burn's Cottage, In excellent for age condition, Measures close to 2 inches and 1 1/2 and 1/2 inch thick.


Elegant sterling silver lighter - grooved stripe pattern sides, press-down one side of the top to action the lighter. The maker is Consul (German), and has a cr...