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1945 Dated Historic Regensburg Germany acrylic belt buckle jewelry segment aluminum metal souvenir bracelet piece


Efficiency Honor Fidelity Brass Good Conduct Medal & two lapel pin award bars.


COAST GUARD CUFF LINKS E9 CPO USCG. They are not new but the condition is excellent. I think that they are brass.


Saigon Vietnam company softball champions felt patch team award from 1956 1957.


Original mess kit, field gear from military. Buyer pays S&H


The Bluejackets' Manual assignment booklet from February 1953 & Navy Guide for Retired and Fleet Reserve Personnel from November 1956.


Antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman Kurdish dagger Khanjar – Jambiya. A curved double – edged blade formed with a medial ridge horn hilt of typical form. In ...

$380.00 OBO

19th Century Antique Indo Persian Islamic dagger Pesh Kabz, North India 19th century. DETAILS: A sturdy slightly curved single – edged steel blade with fuller,...

$480.00 OBO

A very rare example of antique 19th century Islamic dagger, Bichaq, from the famous Central Asian Islamic Emirate of Bukhara, previously Turkistan, present - ...

$850.00 OBO

Rare, antique, 19th century, Central Asian Islamic Turkoman Tekke horse jewellery, silver-mounted leather, horse trapping Neckband. The upper surface decorated ...

$2,800.00 OBO

Antique 19th century large Indo Persian Islamic Afghan dagger Peshkabze – Choora. Details: A straight sturdy single-edged steel blade of “T” shape cross-secti...

$580.00 OBO

Antique 19th century Cretan Greek dagger Bichaq in the Islamic Turkish Ottoman form. DETAILS: A sturdy single – edged blade cut with short fullers mounted wit...

$250.00 OBO

Antique 18th - 19th century Islamic Indo Persian dagger Zirah-bhonk. Details: recurved single edged steel blade with thickened conical point and the sharp edg...

$980.00 OBO

Rare antique 15th – 16th century Islamic war axe, Mameluke or Turkish Ottoman. This ax made of hand forged steel, with its distinctively large crescent-shaped b...

$1,800.00 OBO

An exceptional, antique late 19th century Filipino Moro south Philippines, extremely large and heavy Islamic, m sword Barong. Details: A broad leaf shaped sing...

$450.00 OBO

Pair United States Navy Photography training manual books columns 1 and 2. World War Two era dated 1945


THIS WOODLAND PERIOD FLARED-BIT CELT MADE OF BLACK & WHITE HARD STONE IS: 4 5/8 Long By 2 1/4 Wide By 1/2 Thick, With Patination. It ( ONE LIKE IT ) Is ...

$350.00 OBO

THIS WOODLAND PERIOD CELT MADE OF GREEN GLACIAL HARD STONE IS: 2 5/8 Long By 1 1/2 Wide By 3/4 Thick. It Was Found In Lincoln County Missouri. It ( ONE LIKE...

$250.00 OBO

THIS WOODLAND PERIOD CELT MADE OF GREEN GLACIAL HARD STONE IS: 4 7/8 Long By 1 1/2 Thick. It Was Found In Lincoln County Missouri. It ( ONE LIKE IT ) Is List...

$300.00 OBO