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TATUM Ornate Cast Iron Wall Mount Receipt Spike Bill Holder. It is 5.5 tall and 3.5 wide. ( measurement do not include the spike). It is very ornate c...


Vintage 1930's Hazel Atlas Uniform Nut Meat Chopper. The roundish glass jar was made by Hazel Atlas . Numbers on the bottom of glass jar are 5915, Haze...


This extraordinary nineteenth century console table features a specimen marble top and hand-carved wooden frame with sphinx-like supports and urn motifs. 32.5...


This pair of antique bronze and wooden table lamps feature the cast and patinated figures of griffins and medallions depicting Roman warriors in battle. Measur...


Rococo was an aesthetic movement in the fine and decorative arts that found its inspiration in nature and fostered an overall lightness and delicacy of form, co...

$3,600.00 OBO

The sofa/ settee created during the Louis XVI period represent some of the finest examples of timeless furniture style in history. Understated, versatile, and c...

$2,550.00 OBO

Learn more about what shaped this French style and browse Louis XVI chairs and settees to channel this style in your space. The goal became to create chairs and...

$1,450.00 OBO

This amazing pair of two chairs are brilliant idea to show up the Louis XVI style and the unique French design. This Louis XVI covered armchair, is a stunning e...

$1,450.00 OBO

Our antique Spanish vargueno built for the Islamic market features geometric inlaid designs. Measures 64.25 x 50.5 x 18.5 in; 163 x 128 x 47 cm.

$35,000.00 OBO

Seek Louis XVI style with a luxuriously plush feel, this section offers an elegant seating option you'll actually enjoy using. Upholstered in new fabric, this l...

$2,400.00 OBO

Mahogany table with 2 leaves - banded. Custom make, extra large, quite heavy - table closed is 48' wide & 88 long with 2 leaves 22 each - total length wo...


Mahogany table with 3 leaves - inlaid, center leg. Total length of table with 3 leaves is 95


Ethan Allen round table with 2 leaves - 15 each.


Set of 6 mahogany chairs-2 armed. spade back, queen anne feet, with new seats (extra padding).


Set of 6 mahogany chairs-1 armed. Shield back, with new seats (extra padding).


Set of 6 mahogany chairs-1 armed. Shield back, spade feet, curved front with new seats (extra pading).


Mahogany breakfront with desk. Two sections, heavy molding, inlaid, leather desk drawer.


Mahogany nightstand - 3 drawer


Mahogany roound pie stand- claw foot, single pedestal - molding.


Mahogany step-up stand