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24" INDIAN W/ WOLF HEADGEAR, MINT. Large Indian dressed in "Wolf" costume of brown suede and headgear. He is made of porcelain head, arms, and le...


VINTAGE TEENIE BOPPER BLACK BABY W/BOX. She has moving head arms, and legs and is made of vinyl. In excellent conditionwith her original box.

$294.00 OBO

8 1/2 in Twin Porcelain Babies, Mint in Box. 2 babies made of porcelain head, arms, and legs and weighted cloth body. They have blonde hair, blue eyes, and rosy...

$21.99 OBO

MAD ALEX "JACQUELINE" 12" PAPER DOLL, EXCELLENT CONDITION. Beautiful black hair Jacqueline comes with 12 fashions to cut out. In folder. By Beck ...


12" MATTELL DOLL. She is a blonde made entirely of hard plastic.

$7.99 OBO

VINTAGE LITTLE BOY BLUE. He is 6" tall and made of porcelain. In good condition but head has been repaired.

$14.00 OBO

VINTAGE MAD ALEX "CISSY" 12"PAPERDOLL, EXC. Comes with several dresses to cut out. Beautiful doll. (Item #80000047)


VINTAGE 16" VINYL BABYDOLL, VERY GOOD. She is jointed vinyl with rooted brown hair and sleep eyes. She wears a yellow cotton dress.

$22.00 OBO

BRITNEY SPEARS "LUCKY" 6" FASHION DOLL, MINT. From her video performance, comes with the CD of the song "Lucky".

$34.00 OBO

70'S BLONDE VINYL TODDLER. 17" babydoll made of all jointed vinyl. Has blonde rooted hair, painted blue eyes, rosy complexion,and pouty mouth. Comes dresse...

$59.00 OBO

BRITNEY SPEARS 6" FASHION DOLL, MINT. She wears the school girl outfit from "Sometimes" and comes with that CD.

$99.00 OBO

"GOLLIGOG" DOLL PATTERN. This is a copy of a pattern for the vintage black "golligog" dolls. It is by Butterick and it has patterns for larg...


TWIN VINYL GIRLS W/CARRIAGE, MINT. Two sweet 16" baby girls dressed in cotton dresses ready to play. They are made of vinyl head, arms, and legs with cloth...


HAWAIAN HULA GIRL/SWINGIN HIPS, EXCELLENT. She is 7" tall made of rubber-vinyl. She adhers to the dashboard of a car and with spring action swings her hips...

$25.00 OBO

This male character doll, (somebody suggested Cary Grant) was found in its original clear cellophane packing imprinted with Made by "UNIQUE". We were ...


1970'S BLONDE VINYL BABY, VERY GOOD CONDITION. Measures 17" tall, all jointed vinyl. He has blonde rooted hair, with blue painted eyes, smiling lips. He we...

$59.00 OBO

Adorable hand painted Kewpie bisque porcelain doll. Blue and Silver foil label Norcrest, Japan / F360, circa 1940-50's vintage. There is a repair - head has bee...


Lovely porcelain half doll of Spanish Flamingo Dancer in yellow dress. She has black hair with cobalt blue hair ornament. Nice detail, excellent condition, no c...


Lovely porcelain half doll of a lady holding fan. Blond hair with blue head band, purple dress. Nice detail, excellent condition, no chips, cracks or repairs. S...


Offering this pretty vintage doll with pressed felt cloth face with hand painted features, her hair looks to be black mohair, body and limbs are stuffed cloth, ...