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MARILYN MONROE SEXY LOW CUT DRESS. This photo is from the 1950's. This is an 8in X 10" black and white copy.

$7.99 OBO

PRINCESS DIANA HIGH FASHION. This photo is from the 1990's. It is a black and white 8in X 10in copy.


JIMMMY DEAN PENSATIVE MOOD. This photo is from the 1950's. It is a black and white copy, 8in X 10 in. Could be from his smash hit movie GIANT!


NATALIE WOOD/JIMMY DEAN GOOGLIE EYES. This photo is from the 1950's of Natalie and Jimmy probably from the movie they did together Rebel Without a Cause. It is ...


MARILYN MONROE FAMOUS SUBWAY SHOT. This is a photo from the 1950's of Marilyn Monroe with her dress flying over her legs. It is black and white and a copy 8in X...


MARILYN MONROE AT THE BEACH. From the 1950's, an 8in X 10in black and white photo copy of Marilyn Monroe at the beach.


DREW BARRYMORE FROM ET W/KITTY KAT. From the movie ET. here is Drew at 6 years old with her kitty kat. Photo from the 1980's. This is a black and white 8in X 10...


FRIENDS CAST OF 6 MEMBERS HAPPY EVERAFTER! This is a black and white 8in X 10in photo copy of the cast of this famous TV series.

$12.99 OBO

SHIRLEY TEMPLE BABY TAKE A VOW. Shirley at about 5 years old wearing her very cute dress from Baby Take a Vow" movie. This is an 8in X 10 in black and whit...


PRINCE WM & PRINCESS DI. This is an 8in X 10in black and white photo copy of the Princesses from the 1990's.


JIMMY DEAN WONDERING. This is an 8" X 10 black and white photo copy of Jimmy Dean in the 1950's.


SHIRLEY TEMPLE CURLY TOP. Black and white 8" X 10"photo of pouty Shirley Temple at 6 to 7 yrs. old.


LIZ TAYLOR/CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. Black and white 8in X 10in photo of Elizabeth Taylor looking absolutely gorgeous from one of the scenes in this movie.


Wolverine Arithmetic Quiz machine. Great old machine that when you pull the levers it gives you Add Subract, Multiply and Divide question with the answers under...


2 17"Anatomically Correct Vinyl Twin Babies, NEW. This auction is for a pair(2) large 17" anatomically correct twin babydolls. They are jointed vinyl...




TY has made a super bear!!! Celebrating 100 years of flight!! BROWN Bearon is nearly impossible to find! The RED BEARON is also available upon request. New, min...


Set of (3) Tumble Sticks in the original package. Manufactured by Hart Products Co. of Lincoln Nebraska, and distributed by Link's Products Co. also of Lincoln....


Offering this lovely little cloth doll, stitched body and limbs, pressed felt face with hand painted features; blonde mohair wig of curls and braids adorned wit...


This is a boxed pack of Congress playing cards. The cards themselves are still in the factory sealed package. The box is in good condition, with wear marks visa...