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Date of Birth May 26, 2000 Through jungle shadows I will prowl Don’t be afraid, sometimes I grow! I’m not fierce, don’t run away We’ll be best friends and play ...


Date of Birth August 12, 1997 Sitting on a rock, basking in the sun Is this Iquana’s idea of fun Towel and glasses, book and beach chair His life is so perfect ...


Date of Birth August 24, 2000 I have horns, I’m quite a sight Some people run away in fright But I don’t want to scare you away All I want to do is play!


Date of Birth April 3, 1996 Hopscotch is what she like to play I you don’t join in, she’ll hop away So play a game if you have the time, She like to play, rain...

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Date of Birth August 7, 2000 He hops around from place to place To put a smile upon your face Bringing baskets and good cheer It’s his favorite time of year!


Date of Birth November 17, 2001 Marching proudly, stepping high People wave as I walk by Parades are so much fun for me There’s just no place I’d rather be!


Date of Birth February 2003 I can sniff out most any clue Just like the real detectives do I will search high and then search low Finding friends wherever I go!


Date of Birth June 1, 1996 Hippity is a cute little bunny Dressed in green, he looks quite funny Twitching his nose in the air Sniffing a flower here and there...


Date of Birth August 29, 2001 My job each day is herding sheep The days are long, there’s little sleep But when my day is finally through I’m happy to come home...


Date of Birth June 17, 1996 As a duckling, she was confused, Birds on the lake were quite amused Poking fun until she would cry Now the most beautiful swan of ...

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Date of Birth February 10, 2000 Please watch over me night and day When I sleep and when I pray Keep me safe from up above With special blessings of your love!


Date of Birth November 27, 1996 Gobbles the turkey loves to eat Once a year she has a feast I have a secret, I’d like to divulge If she eats too much her tummy...


Date of Birth November 4, 1998 Though she’s hungry, she’s in a good mood Searching through garbage, tin cans for food For Goatee the goat, it’s not a big deal ...

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NEW MINT 10" HEARTSONG Bear. She is the COLLECTOR'S EDITION SERIES 5, #2. There's always music in the air for HEARTSONG BEAR . This lively bear loves every...


Great die cast collectible. Children's dust pan, the front is blue and the back is yellow. This piece has all kinds of character. The dustpan is 6" wide an...


Date of Birth December 7, 2002 In Arizona, riding high You might just see me passing by Walking along with my Ty friends Is Scottsdale the fun never ends!


Date of Birth June 28, 2001 Please take me to the park today Where I can run and jump and play It’s so much fun to be with you I hope you feel the same way too!


Date of Birth June 29, 2001 Throw the disc and watch me go I’ll always bring it back, you know To me, this game is always new You’ll get tired before I do!


September 7, 2002 A squeaky toy or ball of string I’ll play with almost anything But my favorite thing to do Is snuggle up and nap with you!


Date of Birth June 3, 1996 From the trees he hunts prey In the night and in the day He’s the king of camoflage Look real close he’s no mirage!