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old vintage Jonesport Mackerel Label c1940's approx. 10


Chevrolet Bowtie Aluminum Sign .. Measures 24 Wide x 8 1/2 High


Excellent 1930s Tobacco Label approx. 5x8 -- made in Sweden in the 1930’s. Black Native Man carrying jugs of coconut juice among the palm trees -- “THE PALMTREE...


Up for consideration old vintage AMBERINE COMBS bag, 2x10, Flushing, NY


You get 3 vintage 11 1/2 tall Cole's Best 2 pound paper corn meal bag. Colorful image of corn. Unused stock from the Gurley Milling Co. Inc. in Princeton, Nort...


old vintage 3.5x10 SPEED QUEEN paper ad hat, good condition, age unknown


Narrow Bridge Depression era steel road sign with raised style lettering.


COLGATE FAB LAUNDRY SOAP TAPE MEASURE -- c1910, 1½” diameter, celluloid, pictures colorful soap box. FREE SHIPPING TO USA


1921 Ladies Home Journal Mennen Talcum Powder Magazine Advertisement. Aunt Belle's Comfort Letters published by the Mennen Company. Mennen Borated Talcum Powder...


1916 Ladies Home Journal Merode and Harvard Mills Underwear Magazine Advertisement. Special Display Week November 20th to 25th. Harvard Knitting Mill, Wakefield...


JOLLY MILLER PIE BAG 1930’s, 10 x 11½”, extremely colorful, pictures Tubby pie man holding a pie. This bag is sample pic, the ones you get will be in go...


NOS, 1940's Buckwheat Pancake Bag, 12 tall, similar to a coffee bag, has a recipe for Buchwheat pancakes on the back, unused vintage stock. Some of our clients...


COCA-COLA LUNCH BAG 1992, pictures colorful North America map and several large Coke ads in many language


RAYO GRAPE CRATE ADS - Set of 2 -- 1930, 11” x 16”, purple grape cover, tissue


RE-STO-LUST RSL TIN -- c1905, 2¼ x 3½ , oval, 5 tall, old tin full of polish, Halloween colors


SPARTAN ASPIRIN TIN -- c1910, ¼ x 2 x 2½ , very early, nice graphic script, shows slight age


UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO. FREIGHT TAG, c1901, 2½” x 4”, from Friendship, NY, green and black


WIPE-OFF PAINT BRUSH GADGET -- 1940’s, on a nicely illustrated 3” x 5” card, prevents dripping of paint down side of can


Complete Cheese Cookbook by Kraft Foods. Everything from Legend to Recipes from the Cheesemakers. Romance Cheeses from Kraft. New York. Kraft Foods. 1974. Fift...


1917 Ladies Home Journal Hughes Ideal Waterproof Hair Brush Magazine Advertisement. Ad features Model No. 66 with Boar Bristles. Henry L. Hughes New York City. ...