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old vintage 7X9 c1950s MUSTANG VEGETABLE LABEL


old vintage 7x3 Double K Nutshop bag 1951


old vintage 10x5 JIM BEAM COLLECTIBLE BOTTLE c1970s, awesome condition beautiful for display -- they just don't make these items anymore

$25.00 OBO

1950s vintage Coca Cola popcorn boxe. Has the Drink Coca Cola logo on all 4 sides. These came from an older couple in the northeast who had gotten them out of a...


Two vintage PURE GOLD LEMON BAGS 1940's, 6 x 11 , made of old fashioned webbed string with nice advertisement


old vintage Dog n' Suds Drive-In Hamburger Bag 1950’s, 6 x 8 , pictures cartoon dog car hop, Your Family Drive-In, Serving Dog-Go.


Old 1950's 1960s BASEBALL CANDY Wrappers. B B Bats. Made by Fair Play Caramels, Inc. Johnson City, New York. 5x2 wax paper wrappers are in excellent unused cond...


Putnam Dye Tint hand fan Baker Oregon Muegge Drug Store, Frank Polansky Corner Drug St Paul Nebraska Depression era advertising. E N Monroe & Granddaughter ...


LA MILANAISE SHAMPOO CARDBOARD SIGN 1930, 12” x 16”, cardboard, French, boy washing his scowling sister’s hair - two wholes at top with a red string for hanging...


old vintage Three Twins Cigar Label, c1920s, 6x9


Old vintage ELEKTRA Cigar Label -- Inner label 6x6.


old vintage 5x8 WHITE OWL CIGAR LID, good condition


1940s Van Raalte Handsewn Reindoe Gloves Magazine Life Advertisement. Because You Love Nice Things. Ad is 13 1/2 high and 10 1/2 across. Good condition, small...


old vintage 5x3 Maine Masque Court Jester label, in fair condition, only one I have ever seen


Vintage Good Year Brand Grape crate label, about 13 long, excellent condition, nice to frame, c1940s

$3.95 OBO

old vintage c1940s Fresno Grape Label, 4x11


old vintage c1960s SHERIDAN STRAWBERRY label - 4x10


old vintage c1940s FOOTHIGH SEXY PINUP LABEL, 4x9


old vintage c1940s Flash Handsoap Label for Women War Workers, 3x10


old vintage c1940s Mr. Cherry Fruit Label, 3x9