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GENI EYE GLASS CLEANERS PACKAGE 1950’s, 3” x 3¼” x ¼”, full package of cleaning clothes, pictures hypnotic-looking ge...


old vintage BAUER BUNION PADS c1960s, STILL in store display box which is in good condition. Full of pads.


old vintage HARMONY Razor blades c1930s, has some blades inside the box, but they are Un-checked to see if they match the box -- box is a little smashed from ag...


Crusin Chevy Style Tin Sign .. Measures 12.5 High x 16 Wide


Ford Deuce Tin Sign .. Measures 16 High x 12.5 Wide


Texaco Lubricates Perfectly Tin Sign .. Measures 12.5 Wide x 16 High


Marvel Mystery Oil Tin Sign .. Measures 16 High x 12.5 Wide


SWAN’S ICE CREAM BAR WRAPPERS - Set of 10 1950’s, Swan Ice Cream Co, colorful foil 5-cent wrapper pictures white swan, set of 10, 5x6. FREE SHIPPING TO USA


MOBILE GAS TUSKEGEE AIRMAN AD. CARD -- 2000, 4½” x7”, pictures Negro WWII pilot in flying WWII fighter plane, Celebrate Black History Month and the hist...


1917 Ladies Home Journal Bon Ami Color Magazine Advertisement. Bon Ami for Mirrors, Hasn't scratched yet. Ad is 16 high and 10 wide. Advertisement is in very ...


MARCHING DOLLS BLOTTER 1940’s, 3½ x 6 , pair of cute dolls marching while holding Griffin Shoe Polish


PETERS WEATHERBIRD SHOE BLOTTERS - Set of 2 different for 1920’s, 3” x 6”, 2 different, Blotter 1: Closeup of boy's and girl's faces, Happy Da...


7x9 CHEVRON ADVERTISING AUTO FLATOR foldout pamphlet - 1976


old 1960s PONYTAIL HOLDER store display, full - never opened, 6x10


You will get three (3) vintage 9 paper signs that was used on Borden's store displays. Unused factory stock from the plant in Portsmouth, Ohio. Circa 1960s.


On Prints and Printmakers 7 Booklets in Slipcase. New York. Far Gallery. 1962. Limited Edition. Very Good. Edgewear. Limited to 2000 copies. Seven booklets incl...


1916 Ladies Home Journal Ivory Soap Magazine Advertisement. Robert Louis Stevenson Said My joy is to see her hanging clothes on the line in a high wind . It fl...


1916 Ladies Home Journal The Child and Baby at Christmas To Be remembered Magazine Page. Page is filled with clothing, accessories and novelties for Baby. Page ...


HOPALONG CASSIDY, CRISPO CONE CO. CATALOG SHEET 1953, 8½ x 11 , pictures Hoppy twice on the sheet


HOPALONG CASSIDY ICE CREAM CONTAINER 1951, 6 tall, pictorial quart carton of Hoppy flashing is six shooters