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Small size wooden step ladder garden plant display stand.


French Sofa Table Made from Oak Parquet and Beams This magnificent French European oak sofa table was made with a thick slab of parquet flooring and beam for th...

$4,950.00 OBO

Set Four floral flower etched colored glass small snifter stems. 1970s Retro era cognac brandy after dinner drink style bar accessory set.


Geometry Trigonometry flash style review cards & instruction flyer in original Vis Ed Visual Educational Association Dayton Ohio cardboard box.


Trigger Quick cookie gun pastry biscuit canape press dessert making kitchen tool. Original Alcoa Aluminum Cooking Utensil New Kensington Pennsylvania cardboard...


Depression Era calf weanling large mammal weaning head basket farm ranch wean tool. Steel wire frame with steel mesh. Some damage to the mesh webbing.


Christmas Santa Claus Cooky cutter pastry making utensil in original cardboard holiday style box.


Two sets of four measuring cup stacking style kitchen scoops. Retro 1960's era kitchen utensils- Tupperware white set & Yellow black unmarked.


RUSLAN & LUDMILLA RUSSIAN LEGENDS-1ST BRADFORD SERIES with COA. It is hand painted and signed. It comes in a black and gold lacquer frame, ready to hang. My...


Decorative Alcobaca Portugal plate, Signed and numbered. It is elaborately decorated with flora and fauna. It measures 11.5 . It is ready to hang.


Ceramic pottery Whale Incense Holder . At least that is what I assume that it is it's purpose. It looks like you can put an incense on the tongue and the smokes...


This tiny syrup funnel is aluminum and a cute size. Measuring: Height 2-1/2 x Radius 2-3/4 . 1. We need your zip code to determine shipping costs. 2. Items tha...


This rustic measurer is rusty but no holes. For household use only would be great in the garden for scooping dirt, measuring products for spraying, use for fert...


This well constructed sifter for flour holds 3 cups. It has a red handle and red wood knob. Made in USA Good condition Measuring: Height 5-3/8 x Radius 4-1/2 ....


Hand 5 cup flour sifter - sifts, aerates, fluffs. Visible measure Brite-Pride Brand - Made in the USA. It has a wood knob on handle that is red. Measures: Heigh...


This handmade scoop was made from a zero-DuPont metal can. It has blue paint with the writing on the scoop with handle. Measuring: Height 1-1/2 x Length 4-1/2 ...


This small pail was painted black on the outside. It is just metal on the inside. The Bottom of the pail is stamped #r. Measuring: Height 6-1/4 x handle up 7-1...


This small heavy metal pail was painted a flat black. It has #4 stamped on the bottom of the pail. Measuring: Height 6-1/4 x with handle up 7-1/2 x radius 6-1...


This is an all original heavy metal frame carrier. It has 3 original jars (1 missing) with metal lids that set on the top with twisted loop tops. Well engineere...


This is an elegant floor lamp with moveable neck top before shade and fancy base. Measuring: Height 56 with a 10-1/2 Base. The top has milk glass and shade me...