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WAMPOLE’S CREO-TEPIN MEDICINE BLOTTER - 1910, c5” x 7”, ten colorful birds and box/bottle of medicine on orange bkgd.


SUNRISE DAIRY BLOTTERS - Set of 2 -- 1920’s, 3” x 6”, pastoral scene, “All Cows T.B. Tested”


1936 Dionne Quintuplets Calendar From R. L. Parnell Company. Emelie, Marie, Yvonne, Annette, and Cecile. Calendar is complete. Calendar is 7 high and 7 across...


Vintage luggage tote of sturdy canvas. It is an advertising item from the Whirlpool Cooperation. They make washing machine and other large appliances. It meas...


ST. LOUIS LIGHTING PROTECTION CO. BLOTTER -- 1930’s, 4” 9”, pictures lightning striking industrial smokestack


PETERS “DIAMOND BRAND” SHOES BLOTTER -- 1910, 4” x 9”, pictures old high shoe, Your money back and a new pair od shoes free to the weared who finds PAPER in th...


You get three different vintage LIQUOR STORE BLOTTER -- 1950’s, 4 x 9 , pictures Lawson Wood's human-like monkeys


LEVI OVERALLS BLOTTER --- 1940-50, 3 x 6½ , full color cowboy & cowgirl


LASALLE NATIONAL BANK BLOTTER -- 1969, x4” x 9”, LaSalle, ILL., pictures neat old bank with neon sign


JERSEY CREAM BLOTTERS - Set of 2 different - 1920’s, 3 x 9 , very colorful, pictures of children




old vintage 1881 LADIES NOTEBOOK and CALENDAR, Buffalo New York


C1950S LEGION RAZOR BLADES in original box, Sold Excusivley at J.C. Penney


1:18 Eagle Gasoline Diecast Gas Pump .. Measures 5 1/2 inches tall


New unused Starbuck Coffee Watch. It still has the plastic protector on the crystal. The dial has faint swirls to represent the steam that arrises from the coff...


GOLD MEDAL OIL BLOTTERS - Set of 2 different 1915, 3 x 6 , pictures Auto/Biplane/Camel, set of 2 different


FAR HILLS PRINTING CO., INC. BLOTTER -- 1940’s, 4” x 9”, pictures old-style phone, Tucson, Arizona


COCA-COLA SWIMSUIT BLOTTER -- 1942, pictures girl in swimsuit on the beach drinking a Coke that is Completely Refreshing


Vintage Coke blotter from an old Coke Plan in New York state. Dated 1953. These were found in unopened bundles and are in wonderful condition. Great picture of ...


BALL-BAND CANVAS SPORTS SHOES BLOTTER -- c1950’s, 3” x 6”, pictures cute kangaroo w/ joey in pouch jumping for shoe