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Christos Gage. Steve Cummings. Jimmy Palmiotti.


Goyer. Johns. Velluto. Almond.


Nightwing and Captain Boomerang. Thunder and Martian Manhunter. Wonder Woman and Grace. Metamorpho and Aquaman. Not shown but included is Katana and Shazam.


All mint 9.8. McKeever. Vriens. Udon.


All mint 9.8. Michael Straczynski.


Classic crossover adventure since reprinted in trade paperback. All mint 9.8.


Complete set of six all near mint or better. 1989. Peter Milligan.


Complete set of 6. Graded near mint 9.4


All mint 9.8. Chasing a killer story can be hazardous to your health.


All mint 9.8. A Cal Mcdonald mystery. "TWO RED EYES". Steve Niles. Kyle Hotz. Michelle Madsen.


First printing. See back cover enlargement for more information.


All 4 issues near mint 9.4 Only $3.00 shipping.


All 4 issues mint 9.8 Only $3.00 shipping.


Steve Woron. Only $3.00 shipping.


Hardback still in shrink wrap. Glamour photography.


Mostly an art book.