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old vintage 1 3/8 diameter milk bottle caps. Neat colorful graphic of an old mixer. Circa 1940s caps.


4 1/2 tall colorful vintage broom label picturing a maid with a bandana. A detailed and colorful stone litho. Circa 1920s. Unused old stock found in a long clo...


You get 4 vintage 6 tall colorful vintage broom label picturing a parrot. This is one of the best broom labels out there. It is very detailed and very colorful...


1916 Ladies Home Journal Crisco Shortening Magazine Advertisement. The Sunlit Home of Crisco. Ad features recipe for Crisco Sunshine Cake. Procter and Gamble, C...


5 images, Dated 1952, 54” x 41”. Note: This particular poster has some minor edge wear/tear not affecting the images.


Vintage color 14 wide cardboard store sign. Colorful picture of a hand showing the size of an old glass with the words Drink a Full Big Glass Every Day . The ...


Vintage Pecan Valley Coffee Label from the 1920s. Last few we have left, about 14.25 wide. Was meant to go on a 1lb can of coffee. Nice shape. Heavy gilding.


POCKET VULCANISTER CYCLE TUBE TIN -- 1930’s, 1” x 1 ½” x 3”, has metal clip to attach to cyclist belt


Vintage ENO EFFERVESCENT SALT SIGN, 9½” x 13”, cardboard sign, looks like a stack of 7 cans of ENC

$129.95 OBO

1917 Ladies Home Journal Pebeco Toothpaste Magazine Advertisement. 9 Out of 10 Persons Face Loss of Teeth. Acid Mouth is the worst enemy of good teeth. And Pebe...


SHAMROCK ORANGES CARDBOARD SIGN 1930’s, 8” x 8”, figural cardboard sign, pictures shamrock


CHANDLER'S SINCE 1888 CARDBOARD SIGN 1920’s, 5” x 9”, cardboard sign, shows good age, Depression era


PURE OIL CO. CIGARETTE PACK HOLDER 1930’s, c1 x 2 x 2¾ , cardboard, pictures gas station attendant and old gas pump


TIP TOP CIGARETTE PAPER PACKS - Set of 5 for 1930’s, 1½” x 2¾”, by Liggett Myers, 5 full pads, set of 5


CIGARETTE AD. STRIP - Set of 4 different for 1939, 1” x 3”, Lucky Strike, Camel, Old Gold, put on punchboards & calendars to adver...


ORPHAN BOY TOBACCO BOX 1930’s, 2½” x 4 x 8 , pictures jackass


PABST OKAY “VD” CURE CARDBOARD SIGN 6” x 9”, reproduction of an unusual 1910 sign, cures Gonorrhea and Gleet


VELVET TOBACCO POCKET TIN 1930’s, 1 x 3 x 5 , red background with smoking pipe and cigarette, near mint condi...


MISTY CIGARETTE DISPLAY SIGN c1990s c5” x 7 cardboard


TROPICANA HOTEL, LAS VEGAS GAMING GUIDE 1960’s, 6 x 7 , figural cardboard, has old Tropicana logo