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Date of Birth April 26, 2001 Rub my tummy and you will see Just how playful I can be I’m warm and kind and faithful too I’d like to curl up next to you!


Date of Birth June 10, 1998 Mac tries hard to prove he’s the best Swinging his bat harder than the rest Breaking records, enjoying the game Hitting home runs i...

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Date of Birth March 22, 2003 A carpenter is what I am I’ll build a lodge, I’ll build a dam A river and a couple of trees I really am easy to please!


Date of Birth May 17, 2002 Please let me curl up on your lap So I can take a little nap If it’s too hard to fall asleep Then I’ll just count my friends, the she...


Date of Birth June 15, 1998 After chewing on your favorite shoes Luke gets tired, takes a snooze Who wouldn’t love a puppy like this? Give him a hug, he’ll give...


Date of Birth May 1, 1995 Lucky the lady bug loves the lotto “Someone must win” that’s her motto But save your dimes and even a penny Don’t spend on the lotto a...


Date of Birth March 29, 1998 A tale has been told Of a goose that laid gold But try as she might Loosy’s eggs are just white!

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Little Indians Tin Litho Spinning Top by Ohio Art Has a wood handle. The condition is excellent with the exception of some very small paint wear on the point...


Date of Birth March 27, 2002 I love to run across the plains So get a good grip on the reins We’ll go so fast, we’ll almost fly And watch the world go zooming b...


Date of Birth March 25, 1999 In the kitchen working hard Using ingredients from the yard No one will eat it, can you guess why? Her favorite recipe is for mud ...

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Date of Birth September 2003 Sometimes I bark, sometimes I howl One thing’s for sure, I’ll never growl I’m this nicest dog you’ll ever see I just want you to pl...


Date of Birth April 16, 1997 Jake the drake likes to splash in a puddle Take him home and give him a cuddle Quack, Quack, Quack, he will say He’s so glad you’re...


Style 4028 Date of Birth 11-29-94 Inky’s head is big and round As he swims he make no sound If you need a hand, don’t hesitate Inky can help because he has eigh...


Date of Birth May 26, 2000 Through jungle shadows I will prowl Don’t be afraid, sometimes I grow! I’m not fierce, don’t run away We’ll be best friends and play ...


Date of Birth August 12, 1997 Sitting on a rock, basking in the sun Is this Iquana’s idea of fun Towel and glasses, book and beach chair His life is so perfect ...


Date of Birth August 24, 2000 I have horns, I’m quite a sight Some people run away in fright But I don’t want to scare you away All I want to do is play!


Date of Birth April 3, 1996 Hopscotch is what she like to play I you don’t join in, she’ll hop away So play a game if you have the time, She like to play, rain...

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Date of Birth August 7, 2000 He hops around from place to place To put a smile upon your face Bringing baskets and good cheer It’s his favorite time of year!


Date of Birth November 17, 2001 Marching proudly, stepping high People wave as I walk by Parades are so much fun for me There’s just no place I’d rather be!


Date of Birth February 2003 I can sniff out most any clue Just like the real detectives do I will search high and then search low Finding friends wherever I go!