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Date of Birth December 25, 1998 Dressed in his PJ’s and ready for bed Hugs given, good nights said This little Beanie will stay close at night Ready for a hug a...


Style 4200 Date of Birth 12-25-96 Beanie Babies are special no doubt All filled with love-inside and out Wishes for fun times filled with joy Ty’s holiday teddy...


Addison Street, Waveland Ave, Sheffield Ave. and Clark Street surround the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. Can you name the ballpark?


Billionaire the Beanie Baby was an exclusive employee thank you gift for achieving sales of over one billion dollars!


Celebrate the Beanie was the first bear to commemorate Ty’s birthday to celebrate 15 years!


The word “bravo” is generally used to express appreciation for a job or performance well done!


Beak the Beanie Baby and Beak the Beanie Buddy are the first to be released as a set!


B.B. Bear the Beanie Baby was the first Beanie Baby created without a birthday.


Bananas the Beanie Baby’s beard was three different colors before it was made yellow.


Almond the Beanie Baby was introduced with a friend named “Pecan”!


Cassie is the first Beanie Baby dog designed with long fur.


Cashew was one of Beanies that shared their names with nuts: can you name the rest?


Bubbles the Beanie Baby made in the swimming position was quite a challenge to manufacture.


Batty the Beanie Baby was the second bat made by Ty. Batty came in two colors, mecha rose and Ty-dyed!


Date of Birth December 24, 1995 Ziggy likes soccer-he’s a referee That way he watches the games for free The other Beanies don’t think its fair But Ziggy the Ze...


Date of Birth October 23, 2002 With mighty antlers on my head It’s difficult to get in bed But I sleep better, yes I do When I am cuddled next to you!


Date of Birth June 6, 2000 I always try to do my best And study hard for all my best Now it’s time to celebrate Because at last I graduate!


Date of Birth June 4, 1999 Waking daily to the morning sun Learning makes school so much fun Looking great and feeling fine The newest graduate, ‘Class of 99!’


Date of Birth May 31, 1997 Wise is at the head of the class With A’s and B’s he’ll always pass He’s got his diploma and feels really great Meet the newest grad...


Date of Birth April 5, 1997 She’s very shy as you can see When she hides behind a tree With big brown eyes and soft to touch This little fawn will love you so m...