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Steiff - 10cm Tabby Standing Kitten. The kitten is mohair plush, and has glass eyes. It appears that the back of one of the ears has been restitched. Overall ...


Steiff - 14cm Linda Kangaroo with original Joey in Pouch. Mohair, glass eyes, plastic Joey, and chest tag. There is a tear on the ear where the button was rem...


Steiff - 17cm Llama. Mohair, airbrushed velvet face & feet, glass ees, felt ears (no button or tag). This steiff toy can be found on page 270 of the Steiff ...


This is a Carl Original (paper label) German Windup Dancing Mouse. The sticker is still in place. It is white with felt ears, pipe cleaner hands & feet, f...


Beautiful Steiff 22 cm Rocky Mountain Goat. Mohair, glass eyes, air brushed - felt ears & horns. Button & tag no. 1322/22 on ear, and chest tag. SEE S...


Steiff 22 cm Lora Parrot. Mohair, air brushed - felt face & feet, rubber beak, vibrant colors. Button and tag (2520/22) on wing. SEE STEIFF SORTIMENT BOOK...


Handsome Steiff 19 cm Cocki Standing Cocker Spaniel. Mohair, straw stuffed, glass eyes, head turns. (Small patch of fur missing between the eyes). SEE STEIFF ...


Beautiful Steiff 17 cm Jolanthe Pig. Mohair, glass eyes, felt mouth, snout and ears. (no button or tag) SEE STEIFF SORTIMENT BOOK, pg 142. (1.8 oz) (H)


Beautiful Steiff 17cm Mungo Monkey. Mohair plush & Dralon, glass eyes, jointed head (no button or tag). SEE STEIFF SORTIMENT BOOK, pg 250. (2.9 oz)


Beautiful Steiff 25cm Mungo Monkey. Mohair & Dralon, glass eyes, jointed head. (no button or tag) SEE STEIFF SORTIMENT BOOK, pg 250. (7.3 oz)


Kenneth Fields Gunthers Farewell Tour. Gunther (plastic rider) on elephant. Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows. Made in Sri Lanka. Several bro...


Steiff 12 cm Mopsy Sitting Dog. Mohair, glass eyes, straw stuffed, felt tongue, and moveable head. SEE STEIFF SORTIMENT BOOK, page 64. (H)


Wonderful old Golden American Bear. Wool plush, glass eyes, straw and soft stuffed, felt paws (hole in one paw), elongated arms, fully articulated. Noticeable...


Old Cloth Doll with Embrodiered Face. She has yarn hair, knit sweater, cordroy skirt, stocking shoes (stains) & bloomers. There is some hair loss on this do...


Beautiful 36cm White Schuco Teddy. White, red , and orange Schuco bears are considered rare. This bear is mohair with small glass eyes, perfectly sewn nose, str...


Old 27 cm East German Children's TV Charactr Doll.T his doll has a molded face, plastic limbs, felt hat, coat & shoes, cordroy pants, cloth body, yarn beard...


1980's WDP - Big Al Bear. He has a molded rubber face, felt hat & vest, and is plush. Big Al makes me smile. He certainly belongs in your WDP collection.(...


1962 WD - Germany Rubber Huey. His head turns. Hard-to-find.This cutie belongs in your WD collection.(H)


28cm Hermann Donkey on Wheels. Mohair, straw stuffed, and glass eyes. All original. (12.1 oz) (H)


12 cm Schuco Character Donkey w/plastic teeth & eyes, and straw stuffed. (H)