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Santa Claus in Gilt with Wreath 1908 Postcard This is used with no postmark. Slight edge and corner wear. embossed ca 1908


A magnificent museum quality authentic antique ,ancient Chinese marble Buddhist stele (sculpture), Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD) centering a standing Buddha in long ...


LOW PRICE _One-of-a-Kind__Circa 1880 Bohemian Art Glass VASE in style of Moser._"HAND SIGNATURE" Wilh Hofmann Austria__this is a RARE Find. Suitable ...


OVER-CB-2007-9781574325461-WH3 This book is a salute to early American pattern glass table sets. With the picture quality herein, this book is not only for th...


OVER-CB-2003-1574323008-WH3 Copyright 2003 Table of Contents DESCRIPTION: Volume 1 of The Glass Candlestick Book is the first of what will be the most compl...


Pair of Mayan terracotta stamp seals 500-800AD. With geometric decoration 2.25" X1.75"


Mayan Terracotta Whistle, Male Figure 300AD-900AD Nice sound, 4.5" X 3.5"


Outstanding Large carved basalt Seated Sukia (Shaman) Figure, Costa Rica. 1000AD -1500AD 7.5" tall X5.25" X 4.5"


Mayan Polychrome Terracotta Bowl, 600-800AD squat form with rounded bottom. 2.5" tall X 4.5" wide, 3" opening


Polychrome pedestal bowl, Nariño Culture, Ecuador, 800 - 1200 A.D. 4.5" tall, Bowl 5.5" diameter, base 3". Chips on vase.


Chancay Culture Pottery, Peru AD 1200- 1450 Brown & beige decorated terracotta vessel with two handles. 7" tall


Stirrup Spout Bottle Chimu Culture, Peru AD 900-1500. 9.5" tall


Face Jug Canteen, Muisca Culture, Columbia 1000AD-1540 AD. Pale orangeware with human face on spout. 7.5" tall X5" X5"


OVER-CB-2007-9781574325591-WH3 Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference book...


OVER-CB-2001-1574322257-WH3 Table of Contents This book is filled with almost 200 large, detailed photos of Millersburg crystal, including opalescent, froste...


OVER-CB-2006-1574325116-WH3 Table of Contents Colors in Cambridge Glass II features 60 full-page color photos showing all the colors produced by the Cambridg...


OVER-CB-2007-0891456538-WH3 Table of Contents: Page 1 - Page 2 Values 2007; Copyright 1995 DESCRIPTION: For a quality, comprehensive, and current guide on c...


Hollow terra cotta figurine; attributed to the Moche culture of Northen Peru.


Mayan terra cotta whistle in the form of a Shamanic Spirit Animal. Blowing into the hole in the animals back, produces a whistling sound through it's tail. AD30...


Take a look at this beautiful cold painted Austrian bronze bird with its original patina and exceptional naturalistic detail. The feathers, the expression, and...