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A magnificent museum quality authentic antique ,ancient Chinese marble Buddhist stele (sculpture), Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD) centering a standing Buddha in long ...


LOW PRICE _One-of-a-Kind__Circa 1880 Bohemian Art Glass VASE in style of Moser._"HAND SIGNATURE" Wilh Hofmann Austria__this is a RARE Find. Suitable ...


OVER-CB-2007-9781574325461-WH3 This book is a salute to early American pattern glass table sets. With the picture quality herein, this book is not only for th...


OVER-CB-2003-1574323008-WH3 Copyright 2003 Table of Contents DESCRIPTION: Volume 1 of The Glass Candlestick Book is the first of what will be the most compl...


Pair of Mayan terracotta stamp seals 500-800AD. With geometric decoration 2.25" X1.75"


Mayan Terracotta Whistle, Male Figure 300AD-900AD Nice sound, 4.5" X 3.5"


Outstanding Large carved basalt Seated Sukia (Shaman) Figure, Costa Rica. 1000AD -1500AD 7.5" tall X5.25" X 4.5"


Mayan Polychrome Terracotta Bowl, 600-800AD squat form with rounded bottom. 2.5" tall X 4.5" wide, 3" opening


Polychrome pedestal bowl, Nariño Culture, Ecuador, 800 - 1200 A.D. 4.5" tall, Bowl 5.5" diameter, base 3". Chips on vase.


Chancay Culture Pottery, Peru AD 1200- 1450 Brown & beige decorated terracotta vessel with two handles. 7" tall


Stirrup Spout Bottle Chimu Culture, Peru AD 900-1500. 9.5" tall


Face Jug Canteen, Muisca Culture, Columbia 1000AD-1540 AD. Pale orangeware with human face on spout. 7.5" tall X5" X5"


OVER-CB-2007-9781574325591-WH3 Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference book...


OVER-CB-2001-1574322257-WH3 Table of Contents This book is filled with almost 200 large, detailed photos of Millersburg crystal, including opalescent, froste...


OVER-CB-2006-1574325116-WH3 Table of Contents Colors in Cambridge Glass II features 60 full-page color photos showing all the colors produced by the Cambridg...


OVER-CB-2007-0891456538-WH3 Table of Contents: Page 1 - Page 2 Values 2007; Copyright 1995 DESCRIPTION: For a quality, comprehensive, and current guide on c...


Hollow terra cotta figurine; attributed to the Moche culture of Northen Peru.


Mayan terra cotta whistle in the form of a Shamanic Spirit Animal. Blowing into the hole in the animals back, produces a whistling sound through it's tail. AD30...


Take a look at this beautiful cold painted Austrian bronze bird with its original patina and exceptional naturalistic detail. The feathers, the expression, and...


Ear spools carved from greenstone, some small chips. Guanacaste region Costa Rica, 300AD-1000 .