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Colored Entrance Only Cast Iron Sign .. Measures 11" Wide x 4 5/8" High x 3/16" Thick ComRm


Lincoln Nebraska Roper & Sons 1956 calender Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread wall decoration


Here is a unique clothes darner with many parts for adjustments.  "Kent Products Co. Chicago, ILL.  - US Patten No 2376 410".  This ha...


Pair Remingtom Arms Company Lonoke Arkansas lead shot pellet bags


Pair Remington Arms Company Jade Green tone lead shot pellet cotton bag shotgun shell reloading accessories


Pair Winchester Olin Corporation lead shot cotton sack pellet sales bags


1970's Era Stainless Steel Fondue Fork Set in original green yellow striped cardboard gift box.


CAMPBELL'S CHUNKY CHILI soup holder. Minor age wear on outside. Inside very clean.

$6.50 OBO

Vintage plastic ruler. Advertising SUNLINE  campers and trailers. Front has color photos, back has THE SUNLINE STORY. New still in the wrapper. 12&qu...

$35.50 OBO

Here's an old advertising celluloid bill clip - Smith & Thayer of Boston and New York.  It looks like it's a tombstone but am not sure ... with the ca...


Here's an old advertising hair related bottle - Amami Antiseptic Brilliantine made by Pritchard & Constance.  There's the image of a "jester&quot...


Here's an old advertising perfume bottle - Glos-Sola Violet Water from the Glos-Sola Co., Waterbury, Conn.  There's the iage of a little girl on the front...


Here's an old advertising celluloid pen wipe for Waterbury's Metabolized Cod Liver Oil made by the Waterbury Chemical Company, Des Moines, Iowa.  It says ...


Mr Momentum 1966 gold tone vinyl zip bag paper file storage tote. Amaco Jack Nadel Los Angeles California manufacturer tag, Scovill solid brass Gripper Zipper.


Adams Brand Florida orange juice food beverage company playing card set sales gift giveaway from the 1950's.


Here's an old advertising sample hair pomade tin - Lucky Heart Nu-Glo Free Sample Hair Dressing Pomade made by Lucky Heart Company, Memphis, Tenn.  There ...


Here's an old advertising evaporated milk tin Sheffield Sealect  Evaporated Milk made by the Sheffield Condensed Milk Co.,  New York.  It's miss...


Here's an old advertising sample hair pomade tin - Apex Pomento Lanolin Hair Pomade for Men made by Apex News & Hair Company, Atlantic City, New Jeresey.&n...


Here's a scarce and, for me, the first I've seen of this advertising laundry bar soap - French Laundry Soap made by the Kendall Mfg. Co., Providence, R. I.&nbs...


Goodyear Tires Service Station Die Cut Sign. The sign is royal blue and yellow withwhite accents .. Measures approximately 26" Wide x 8" High x 3/4&qu...