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Would be a 9.4 if it weren't for the back cover. Back cover has several wrinkles and a small brown spot at the top. Countdown to Chaos with Disruptor and Sma...


The Deadly Designs of The DISRUPTOR! Three creases on the cover do not distract from the overall beauty of this book. Flawless copy otherwise.


Hammerhead! Octopus! Looks like Aunt May is going to shoot Spider-man. Time for gun control? jk. Easily a 9.0 except for the back cover which has a vertical...


Hammerhead! Minor corner folds. Two store stamps at top of back cover. No wrinkles. Cover, pages, and centerfold well attached. Nice book.


Facts First Gibbon. Stories THE BIRTH OF...THE GIBBON! Several spine stress lines but no wrinkles, folds, or creases. All pages , cover, and centerfold...


Has 6 very faint spine stress lines and two string marks on the back cover. No other flaws. A stunningly beautiful book. Vengeance From Vietnam .


This is a beautiful 9.2 grade with a very narrow water stain at the bottom of the back cover. No other flaws to speak of. J. Romita artist.


Only defect is a hairline tear from top ege to the issue number. Rest of book is 9.4 Spider-slayer.


Lots of wrinkles on the cover is what limits this book's grade. Interior very nice. Kraven the Hunter. Beauty and the Brute


Has a person's name stamped onto the coupon on the back cover. Front cover and rest of book is 9.0. 1st Mountain Marko, 1st Silvermane. Stories The We...


Mysterio. To Squash a Spider! . Has 6 very faint spine stress lines precluding it from 9.4 grade. A very very beautiful book.


The Vulture. Wings in the Night. Centerfold loose from the top staple. 4 letter ink marks on the cover..Cover secure.


O, What A Tangled Web We Weave.. Water stained but still an attractive book. No other flaws.


The Brand of the Brainwasher! . Subscription crease. Minor marking between price and issue. Pages, cover, and centerfold tightly bound.


To Die a Hero! . Cover not exactly centered on the pages. Wrinkles top right edge just below cca stamp. Pages, cover and centerfold all secure.


In The Hands Of The Hunter! Kraven Perfect copy except for a faint subscription crease.


The Lizard Stories Where Crawls The LIZARD! Mildly obtrusive factory color specks on top half of cover.Also vertical subscription crease. 7.0 otherwi...


Absolutely beautiful book with only flaw a 1/8 inch hairline tear top edge left. Has about 7 faint spine stress lines as well. So nice I hate to sell it. Loo...


Very nice copy with no flaws ecept spine stress lines and tiny tiny chips very top. Cover, pages, centerfold securely attached. Dr. Octopus. Stories ...


This book is not squarely cut. It is 6 and 7/8 inches at the top and 6 5/8 at the bottom. No story or art effected though some might find it displeasing to the ...