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Bandalasta english powdered sugar shaker from the 1930's. A true collector's item in pristine condition


What a delightful way to always have your oranges with you. This bright and colorful brooch is in excellent condition Great pin.


Lovely old Celluloid French Powder Box with puff. This six sided box is in excellent condition and the lid is decorated with a charming lady holding a fan.


Majestic looking "Justice" is 17 inches high with a width of 11 inches where her arms are stretched out. The piece is European in style and is an acry...


This "coin" is an award for attendence from Southwestern Bell Telephone. We assume it was presented to an employee. There are no marks. It is in very ...


A nice men's clothes brush. It is in good condition. There are a couple of dings, but not bad at all. There is a goldtone "applique" of what looks to ...


This is delightful vintage Bakelite made in england. It is the Tiemaster that was designed to press one's ties. It still "works" all the parts are the...


Canadian Wall Telephone, Bakelite construction. Bakelite handset. Very high quality. Works with all original parts. Handset cord options 9, 12, 25 ft. Available...


Bakelite English vintage Bridge pencil set. It is in excellent condition even has the original box. There are no chips or cracks.


Solid Bakelite Construction. Internal bell ringer, works on modern lines. This phone has been refinished in "Bubblegum Pink" using a product called Po...


Early 2 line telephone with hold. You can answer either line and put the caller on hold, answer the second line and go back and forth as you wish and not loose ...


Chrome plated over cast metal, Bakelite handset. This telephone is very heavy and rugged. Built for military specifications. Internal ringer. Works with all of ...


Dr. Gray invented the early pay box and sold them to many telephone compaines. Each coin makes a distinct sound as it is deposited through the chutes. A solid b...


Lady's Pen&Pencil Set: What a lovely little set! Made just for the lady to carry in her purse. The pen and pencil are made of brass. They each have a prong ...


Extremely rare french desk telephone with second receiver unique to french telephones. Original design copied by Bell for their first cradle Telephone WE #202. ...


VERY OLD Hummel Figurine #15/1 - "HEAR YE, HEAR YE" The Hummel mark indicates the piece was made between 1950 and 1955.


1976 Rug, American Eagle and stars. This Red, White, and Blue rub is a very patriotic rug with the 1776-1978 bicentennial design. Excellent condtiion. Eagle is ...


Wonderful and beautifully designed vintage English Bakelite Powder Box. It is in very good condition with no cracks or chips.


Beautiful and wide Butterscotch Bakelite bangle with no chips or cracks


Belgium chrome plated desk telephone. Very heavy and durable. Bakelite handset, tuned brass internal bells. Handle on front to carry telephone. Very hard to fin...