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magazine, 8x11" 46 pages, Pittsburgh transit issue, great ad for Budd stainless steel super speed train, also articles on 150 ton freight cars, and Urban t...


four fold brochure, photos and illustrations, excellent condition [Box 127] - [Item 4701]


October 14, paper, 6.5x8.75" one page, two creases where folded once, excellent condition [Box 165] - [Item 3320]


A hardcover annual report to the Bureau of Railways Department of Internal Affairs of Pennsylvania for the year 1909 ending on June 30, 1910. Handwritten in pen...


System time table of the Burlington Route Railroad Company, 1961. 28 pages. Good condition. 4 x 9. [Box 504] - [Item 2738]


each 3x2.5" slightly smudged, very good to excellent conditions [Box 199] - [Item 611]


photo cover, 15 pages, 4x9" back cover smudged, very good condition [Box 199] - [Item 603]


States of Iowa and Missouri, 100 Shares, unused certificate not filled in, beautiful art and decorations, 10.5x7" excellent condition [Box 178] - [Item 466...


two passes one each year, yellow, 4x2.5" slightly worn, excellent condition [Box 167] - [Item 400]


great photos and illustrations of the SW, Indians, pueblos, mountains, California, and more, 8x9" 39 pages, slight crease on lower right corner, tiny tear ...


1961 Chevrolet Passenger Car Owners guide. Chevrolet Motor Division of the General Motors Corporation Detroit Michigan.


Contents Include; Instruction Pamphlet No. 5034, from July 1912, Published by the WEstinghouse Air Brake Co. Pittsburg Pa, Great Illustrations, Very Little Wear...


Book No. 12-A, Contents Include; Operation for Locomotive Enginemen, Firemen and Helpers, Cloth Binding with Screw Type Rivets Holding Pages together, (*Probabl...


Contents Include; Instruction Pamphlet No. 5027, Combined Automatic and Straight Air Locomotive Brake Equipment, c1911 from Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Pittsburg...


Contents Include; Brake-Locomotives, Train Air Signal-Locomotives, Passenger Locomotives, Freight Locomotives, Air Gauges, Cars, Inspection and Maintenance of E...


Contents Include; Great Photographs! Describes how PA RR Operates, has Diagrams of Station near Holidaysburg Pa, Photo of "New" Pittsburgh Wherehouse,...


Contents Include; Instructions, Manual NO. 99-C-1, Essential Parts, General Instructions, To Make Up a Train, Various Scenarios and answers(If Train Brake Fails...


Contents Include; Very Detailed Instructions from 1910, Number 99, Cloth Cover, has information on how to operate Air Brakes and Train Signal, also how to maint...


Contents Include; Instruction Pamphlet No. 5039 From April 1912, c, Westinghouse Improved Testing Equipment and Codes of Tests for Brake Apparatus, Has Many Gre...


Contents Include;In Effect on Sunday October 25th, 1959 at 2:01am. For the Government of Employees Only, List of Stations, Interlockings, Distances, Sidings, Sc...