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1963 Menu from US Forces in Thailand, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Cornbread dressing, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes & more. Nice menu. Has a little bit of use and...


Remington Rand R-R shells 1943 ad showing armor piercing shells, great ad with political cartoon. 10 x 13 1/2 Mint condition, Postage & handling on ad in U...


1919 WWI Life Saver candy ad, shows the boys coming home & says after Uncle Sam taking all the life savers for the troops, you can now get life savers for y...


Pennsylvania-Central Air line decal, 1943 , this was the decal was given to a soldier going to war as he rode the PCA Airlines. Metallic silver with green &...


WW 2 Puca beads in leather pouch. These are puca beads (shells) that are used to make necklaces. The men in service in WW 2 used to make these necklaces for the...


American silk embroidery with flying eagle, flags, and a scene of George Washington crossing the Delaware. These were made for the American fleet so that the s...




A very hard to find gunners badge. Circa 1940. Marked sterling. Excellent condition. Measures aprox. 2 X5/8 . The shipping fees quoted are for first class/Insur...


Carte de Visite photograph of soldier in full military dress with a sword. Appears to be from a Scandinavian country, possibly Sweden.


Stereo view of General Miles, Commander of the United States Army. A bend down the center of the view, but does not effect the view.


Carte De Visite photograph of a soldier in a military uniform from the mid 1800s. He appears to be from a Scandinavian country, possibly Sweden.


Carte de Visite photograph of a Scandinavian soldier in military dress. The smaller photo (cut in a circle) appears to be the same soldier.


Very old military officers stirrup. Made of solid brass. Show signs of use. Size is 10.5 x 5 x 6 .


Candle holder has a spring loaded center which pushes candle as it burns. Heavy flat base to keep candle in place on open sea. Unique and no repairs. We acce...


Beautifully framed American silk embroideries. The first two were made during Theodore Roosevelt's “OPEN DOOR POLICY” for American service men memorializing th...


American 20th C. framed silk embroidery memorializing a serviceman's cruise to China & Japan aboard the USAT Sherman, with American flags & antique phot...


SOLD Authentic antique British – Canadian Military Duty Bugle, A.K.A. M1855, made of copper and brass with a silver mouth piece, the bell stamped with British ...


German WW II SA Dagger with Sheath and hanger. Blade is marked Alles fur Duetschland and marked on the obverse by by Maker, Reinh. Weyersberg Solingen and...


U.S. Air force insignia. Pilot Wings, Patches, Name Tag, personal jewelry of retired LtCol Joe Pizzicaroliincludin Enicar, Seiko and Microma wrist watches.


1913 Winchester marked Enfield Bayonet with 16 3/4 inch blade, properly mark in overall very good condition with accompanying original Scabbard with Frog. Scab...