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Nice sculpture made in Spain for the Missionary traveling by Boat in the 15 century, it was so small , because has to be easy to carry during the trip and durin...


This is a French prayer chair with original rush seat, made in the late 1800's by a French cabinet maker...Everything is original. From our last trip to France....

$280.00 OBO

PRINCESS DI & PRINCE CHARLES COLLECTION - Set of 7 -- 1981-82, Time, People, TV Guide, Today, etc


Vintage Nikita Kruschev Russian Pin, 4" diameter pinback. These are extremely rare. There was only one small box of these found at AAA novelty in Washingto...


RARE 13th Issue Time Magazine May 28,1923 Vol.1-No.13 Printed by The Williams Printing Company, New York. Original Printing. This is NOT A REPRINT!! Frankli...


CLINTON-GORE IN 96 BUMPER STICKER 1996, 3” x 11½”, pictures very young Clinton and Gore, Red, White and Blue


POLITICIAN PRINT COLLECTION - Set of 8 different 1960’s, c8” x 10”, few 7” x 9”, prints of Richard Nixon, John & Bobby Kennedy, Martin...


This is a bubble charm of resin (plastic) over photos of late President J.F.Kennedy and the flip side is late Martin Luther King Jr.. As shown in photos this i...


1968 Martin L King Commemortive Plate, colorful about 8 1/2" tin plate, says I have a Dream ect. Jan 151929 April 4 1968, on the reverse has his eulogy whi...


LBJ FOR USA LICENSE PLATE Dated 1964, 3” x 6”, “patriotic” wiggle picture design, flashes between text & stars ...




old vintage 1960s SOCIAL WORKER ARMBAND, 4x11


old vintage 1964 NIXON LODGE BUMPER STICKER in perfect condition, 4x9


WALLACE FOR PRESIDENT PIN 1960’s, 1” diameter, “Stand Up For America”, pictorial


Here is a wonderful gift. This is a Lasting Memories Porcelain Lord bless you and keep you Plate. The 6-1/4 inch decorative plate is quotes NUMBERS 6:24-26. Pas...


Antique Print of Jesus in Sepia tone. It framed behind glass and very large. The frame is 151 2" x 9 1/2". On the top is indicates that it was "P...


Last Supper Print Mounted on Ceramic Tile in Wire Frame. The whole thing measures 8 1/2" x 5". It can be a free standing piece as well as hung on a wa...


Three DEWEY WARREN post World War Two presidential campaign pinback buttons. Green Duck Chicago Illinois manufacturer rim mark.


Here is a beautiful china plate with a picture of Moses holding The Ten Commandments Tablets and the Ten Commandments printed beside it. The gold trimmed footed...