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SIMON BEER MENU -- 1960’s, folded 11” x 7” menu, “The Best Taste in Town”, pictures beer bottles and glasses on front w/ trade mark


SCHREIBNER’S BEER CARD PLAYERS SCORE CARDS - Set of 2 -- 1930’s, 4” x 8”, cardboard, with beer ad


PIELS BEER PEEL BACK DECAL -- 1976, 5" x 6", pictures man in Piels Beer race car getting the checkered flag


vintage O’KEEFE ALE SPORTS TALLY SHEET - 1941, 7” x 9”, nicely illustrated three bottles of beer


OLYMPIA BEER DECAL -- 1960’s, c3” square, pictures famous Horseshoe Waterfall scene


MILLER BEER TRADING CARDS - Set of 100 different 1995, 2½” x 3½”, pictures past ads from Miller’s 100 Years of Brewing


IROQUOIS BEER CARDBOARD SIGN 1940’s, 12" diameter, cardboard sign/beer tray liner, pictures Iroquois Indian Chief - SET OF TWO DIFFERENT


HOTEL HAYWARD PRE-PROHIBITION BEER LABEL pre-1918, 3” x 5”, a Los Angeles Hotel’s house brand, rare, "Hotel Hayward Beer" - SET OF TWO LABELS


GRAIN BELT BEER MINI-SALT SHAKERS (a set of three of all the same you are getting) from 1950-60's, in shape of 1" tall beer can


GENNY LIGHT BEER COASTER -- 1960’s, 3½” square, thick cardboard, red, white & blue


GENESEE BEER KEYCHAINS - Set of 2 different 1970, figural 2” tall plastic beer can, for “Fife & Drum” and “Cream Ale”, set of 2 different


FALSTAFF PRESIDENT BEER CARDBOARD SIGN 1976, 11” x 16”, cardboard sign, patriotic red, white and blue colors


BUDWEISER BEER MATCHBOOK -- 1960’s, pictures label waving like flag, “Somebody still cares about quality.”


100 old vintage BEER LABELS COLLECTION, 1930’s-62, colorful and unused


1930’s BEER MENUS - Set of 3 -- c7” x 10”, full color, lady, lighthouse, bottles, star, Boston and Baltimore breweries


Here is a great bartender's recipe cocktail shaker bottom. The recipes include, Manhattan,Tom Collins, Bacardi, Whiskey Sour, Gibson, Martini and Daiquiri. Ther...


Vintage JIM BEAM COLLECTIBLE BOTTLE c1970s, awesome condition beautiful for display -- they just don't make these items anymore, features a racoon

$35.99 OBO

Schlitz Ice Brand Beer sign music festival plastic fence banner with nylon tie ropes. Dated 1994 Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company St Paul Minnesota mark. Very nic...


Long roll OLD MILWAUKEE BEER tent banner corrugated streamer poster in original cardboard shipping box. Late Retro era 1988 Stroh Brewing Company mark.


Unusual pocket cigar cutter is made by U.S.A. manufacturing company. Advertisement is very clear. No additions or repairs. This is in good working condition wi...