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Kaiser Frazer Car 1946 Ad. Black and white April 27, 1946 Graham Paige Ad states They have what America Wants. Ad shows Kaiser with front wheel drive and Frazer...


International Harvester Co. 1946 Ad. This May 18, 1946 color ad states International Diesel Tractors, Spectacular Builders of Roads. Picture shows International...


Hudson 1946 Ad. This January 26, 1946 Color ad states Heres Your new Hudson and the time to see it is now. Ad shows two women, one in blue 1946 Hudson commodore...


General Motors 1950 Two Page Ad. This January 31, 1950 ad states General Motors presents the Key Values for 1950. Shown are the 1950 Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick,...


General Motors 1949 Two Page Ad. This December 6, 1949 Color ad states Key to greater safety. Ad shows GM safety engineers checking Car. Also shows Boy and girl...


General Motors 1949 two page Ad. This July 19, 1949 Color ad states Key to solid comfort. Ad shows man setting in back seat of G M Car. Also shown are engineers...


General Motors 1945 Ad. This color December 15, 1945 ad states Room with a view. Picture shows boy in tree setting on branches making plans for future. Magazine...


G M Allison Engine 1945 Ad. Color ad November 10, 1945 stating 21 jewel engine. Ad shows Allison engine with silver plated and copper lead cast bearings, which ...


General Motors Diesel 1945 Ad. This August 8, 1945 ad states What goes on here. Ad tell how GM spent years improving the Diesel Engine and today it is doing gre...


This manual for the Ford Ranger 1984 is in good condition. This is the owners guide.


Chevrolet Impala convertible magazine advertisement. Ad is in very good condition. Suitable for framing.


New Chevrolet Corvette Gasoline Globe. The height is 17 inches and the curved glass faces are 13 1/2 inches in diameter inserted in a two-piece plastic body. Th...


New Lubrication Station Metal Sign  .. Measures 11" High x 17" Wide ..  HDR photograph of a collection o...


"PEDAL CAR SCRAPYARD PRINT" .. Measures 11" x 17" and ready to frame


OK Used Cars Car Lot - 1930's Picture .. Measures 16" x 20" and ready to frame


8"1/2 x 8"1/2 1957 paperback booklet- New Ford INTERCEPTOR V-8 Engines with Precision Fuel Induction. Contents: Interceptor 352 Special V-8 with Pre...


Illustrated Current News 9/19/1943 No.4685 Titled: Whre Many Died In Train Wreck Pennsylvania Railroad Congressional Limited Became A Pile of Twisted Wrecka...


This road map of South Carolina, The Battleground of Freedom was published for the Bi-Centennial in 1976. In good condition.


This is a road map from the Phillips 66 Co. of the Western United States. In good condition.